Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Layoffs ending tragically

We're starting to see the beginnings of the real effects of a down economy. A couple and family has been eliminated from the face of the earth because they couldn't face the situation of being terminated. I guess I'm lucky in that I've almost always done contract type work so it's been up and down for the last thirty years so I'm used to being without work at times but the present situation has topped all other recessions. The usual industries not affected like plumbing, automotive, and medical are being affected. I can imagine the couple who became educated in their chosen field were able to get good jobs a nice house and a large family. They were expecting to hang in there during these down times by being tied to the medical field. That wasn't to be.
A family gone


BBC said...

I hope that doctors are going to be effected by it, they are getting way too greedy.

I see that they are starting to build retirement communities in Mexico that cater to Americans.

They can retire there a heck of a lot cheaper than they can here and medical care is a lot cheaper. And doctors there even make house calls.

They can afford cooks and house keepers also. I think there will be a lot of older Americans moving to Mexico, and of course taking their money with them.

I can't say that I blame them.

BBC said...

If Mexicans can't get here to work they will import the work to them. Ha ha ha, I'm amused.

Demeur said...

Sadly it's not the doctors who are making the money but the administrators and the paper shufflers. When I had insurance it had to go through four sets of paper shufflers before the bill and copay got back to me.

If too many move to Mexico then you know the U.S. will be invading to get the money back.

Wayne said...

Yeah, the docs got the cash, and we're taking it in the ass. Hope you guys have your ducks in a row. I'm still hanging in there thankfully.

Have you guys been to Southern California recently? :)