Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mish mash

Our state's (Wa) unemployment rate hit 7.1% last month with 90,000 more people out of work. This is getting ugly. Boeing our great pillar of the community is scheduled to lay off 4500 and now I hear Microsoft a company that has never laid off employees is considering shaving its staff. It's getting so bad that the usual fall back jobs like McDonalds and 7-11 isn't hiring either. If that stimulus for main street doesn't come soon then we'll see more business out of business.
I've seen a total of eight jobs listed (for my field?). Three of them were listed 18 months ago. Two had nothing to do with what I do (secretary and plumber?) Two required advanced degrees in environmental science. And the last one I find they no longer offer the trainning at any of the local schools or universities.

Some clown in Canada thinks it's okay to have 19 wives. His argument is that Canada has allowed gay marriage. First I'd say who in the hell would be stupid enough to have 19 wives? Think about that for a moment. If you know anything about a women's cycle then you know that groups of women start to get in sync with their periods. I can imagine that wonderful once per month encounter. That would be a good time to leave town. Maybe the guy is a salesman and can travel if he's lucky. He's part of that offshoot of the LDS church that was kicked out. I think it was a franchise of that Texas LDS branch. Then there's the possibility that eight or nine of them get together and file for divorce. Does that go as a class action or do the wives get a sliding scale by order of marriage?

As far as the stock market goes (of which I'm not an active part) it's kind of fun to watch as they play pump and dump. One day the bank stocks go up then sombody realizes that they actually don't have any money and the stocks take a dive. And it will be interesting when cities and states start defaulting. Oh that's right California is already starting to hand out IOUs instead of pay checks.

Update: Microsoft to lay off 5000. Oops time to get a real job guys. Oh that's right I forgot there aren't any. Good luck trying to collect unemployment because they're about two months behind in processing your paperwork. Film was at 11.


BBC said...

Of course it's getting ugly, I've been trying to tell others that for five years now.

Some clown in Canada thinks it's okay to have 19 wives.

Well, there is an idiot born every second. But hey, maybe he needs a little help being as he can't keep that many women sexually satisfied? Unless they are so screwed up that they don't care about sex.

Anyway, never mind jobs that aren't there. Started a garden yet?

BBC said...

On the bright side, the weather has been decent the last few weeks, we can be thankful for that.

Anonymous said...

FYI. That "nice" (I thought) post I had this morning? KathiD came back and took offense. *sigh*

I can't help but wonder if there are honestly people so stupid that they buy stock one day, panic and sell the next day. Is that a case of having more money than sense?

Like everything else, it's the wee little guy who was hoping to retire AND buy peanut butter who is told to HOLD ON and don't worry.