Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama hits the ground running

Obama was quite busy after the parade and not just sitting around yaking with cohorts. First off he put a hold on all the laws and regulations Bush tried to shove through.

Not so fast Bushie boy

Obama also put a stop on the trials at Gitmo. This might piss off the 911 familys but stop to consider if it's determined that torture was used then no charges will stick (violation of international laws that we haven't been following).

Lastly Obama plans to invest in the military first by ending no bid contracts and replace the aging F fighter aircraft and adding more drones.

Who says Dems don't support the military?

All of this between the parade and the balls.

UPDATE: Obama is wasting no time cleaning things up. From NBC:
For those senior staffers making more than $100,000 a year, President Obama today announced a pay freeze on their salaries.

The president signed an executive order instituting stricter ethics rules, including a ban on lobbying the White House when current White House staffers leave their posts as well as a ban on gifts.

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