Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It was a good day

After a very brief swearing in and in a mere twenty minutes the 44th president Barack Obama managed to rhetorically bitch slap George W. Bush in a very controlled and methodical style that is unique to his way. As has been the theme through out his campaign we can now put the mistakes of the last eight years behind us and start the rebuilding process with three things at the forefront. With a little hope, some leadership and some resources we will get through.
I can now break out the American flag that I've kept in storage the last eight years and fly it proudly now as we return to the principles that made this a country of worth. As I write this I realize that the momentum of a bad economy will continue for a while but I am uplifted in knowing that bad times will not last forever. I take heart that maybe with a little effort we can pull this nation back from the brink of collapse.

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