Saturday, January 31, 2009

Republicans at it again

When I read the title of this article I thought good now we can start to get this country going again. Silly rabbit I should have known better. Buried in the meat of the article is the attitude these republicans take when it comes to spending on anyone but their friends or their pet projects. The headline reads:
GOP governors press congress to pass stimilus bill

Keep it us guys and come 2010 and beyond there won't be a republican party. When the voters in your state keep loosing their jobs you really think they are going to vote for you? And as I've said before TAX CUTS DO NOT CREATE JOBS!


BBC said...

No parties at all would be just fine with me.

The light you posted a link to is interesting but I have no need for such a light.

And I don't see the logic in buying LED lights that you plug into a 110 volt system. Unless it has a stand alone converter and you can also run it off of a car battery

If the grid goes down for long you still don't have lights unless you can hook them up to a car battery.

My system will be able to be used anywhere without depending on the grid or batteries that fade and need to be replaced or charged back up.

You can just crank or peddle to get light, or charge a battery back up.

Of course if there is a stream on your place you have it made, 24/7 power. Maybe not a lot of it, but some, more than enough for decent lighting.

I'll just stick with making my own lights.

BBC said...

I do have a couple of crank flashlights and radio but I'm looking for something you don't have to crank every 1/2 hour. The problem is the amount of money you need to put in up front to get a good system going.

After a few years the batteries in those crank units start going bad, as do the batteries in the solar units.

And cranking does get boring very fast. Still, folks without other light will deal with that, you will deal with a lot if the grid is down for some time. Been there, done that.

Wait a minute. We spend a lot of time in one location anymore, often in front of a computer.

What if every few minutes you just reached over to pull a handle down to spin the flywheel up again while you are reading something?

I'm not saying it would run your computer, but it would run all the LED lights you would want, and maybe your monitor.

As long as the grid works I'm not much worried about any of it, I just think that it's flawed logic to assume that the grid will always be there.

And I'm proven right almost everyday. One good solar panel like I have, and a deep cycle battery and a system you can peddle while computing would keep you on the internet when many can't even get on it.

Assuming the internet was even working, in that case you can make power to read a deep book or watch a movie.

Assuming that it all went down, there is one thing that won't go down. Ham radio, in the background there are many ham radio operators and systems that don't depend on anything but themselves.

They have the systems they need to make the power to talk to the rest of the world. Interesting.