Friday, November 27, 2009

Call me what?!!

The shadow knows.

A few of you out there were disheartened that I haven't posted an email address. The story behind that goes back some years when the innertubes were first getting started. I had one of those free internet connections for a while. You know the one. They had disks all over the place with 2000 hours of free connection after which they'd tie you to a subscription for the rest of your life if they could. This was back in the dial up days so getting on line was a hastle. Well one night I sat down to do some late night surfing only to have the connection denied. A call to the customer no service and the nice young geek determined that someone had stolen my password and was using my account. He threw them off and I was able to get back on to discover that it was some young kids from a chatroom that had done the dirty deed. All went well after a change in passwords until about 6 months later the same thing happened. This time customer no service was not as nice. They told me that I would have to wait until the thief was finished using my account. I told them to cancel my account if I couldn't use it. Since that time I've remained pretty much a non person on the net and only give personnal info on very rare occasions. You may contact me by one email account that I keep for such purposes but I'll tell you right now the name given is not me. The address is dsentor yahoo. I'm sure you can figure it out but don't expect any immediate responses as I only check it about once a month. Sorry for any inconvience but there are too many braty little assholes out there who'd be more than happy to throw their latest virus creation on your computer. And since going underground this way I've had no problems of any kind in well over 10 years.

So I remain your friendly enigma.


BBC said...

I used some of the free services for a few years also, with no problems and they were reliable. Don't recall the names of them now, likely not even around anymore.

I don't really have much of anything to send you other than some of the humor others send me.

I just forwarded some cat graphics to you that Jeanne sent me, maybe you can use some of them on your Friday posts so you may not want to wait a month before checking that account.

It was forwarded from my best email account so of course I trust that you won't share that address with anyone else.

Helen wants me to go get her some cat food and stuff so I'd better get my butt off this chair and get busy.

Roger Owen Green said...

I do understand.

an average patriot said...

Hey what did you say your name was? Just kidding. It really peeves me the way our computers are manipulated by others. They should hang them all!

pygalgia said...

I've always respected your privacy.

Holte Ender said...

Stay anonymous.

Randal Graves said...

And I was going to send you this virus. Now what am I supposed to do with it?

Tom Harper said...

Dsentor Yahoo! That's you??? Jeez, I haven't thought of you in decades. Don't you remember me? English class, 1970. Small world!

So now you're a blogger...

S.W. Anderson said...

Dear Enigma,

I once used the same dial-up ripoff. About the only time I had trouble getting on it was when Steve Whathisname plastered North America with enough free 10,000-hour trial discs to fill the Grand Canyon, with enough left over to cover Texas 50 deep. (Not a bad idea, that, in retrospect.) Not long after being unable to get on for the fifth or sixth time in the same week, I canceled.

The good news was, since A-holehell was already in BIG trouble with the FTC over scewing paying customers by inviting half the human race to log onto its already overburdened servers for 10,000-free-hour trials, I didn't encounter the most common cancellation problem. That would be the one where month after month, for years, A-holehell continued to merrily charge your credit card as though you were still a happy, loyal and paying customer. No, I encountered The Other Problem.

Several times a month, for what seemed like years, I was besieged with phone calls asking why, oh why, did I leave the A-holehell fold? What in heaven's name could've driven me to want to cancel? How could they make it up to me? Wouldn't I, pretty please, be willing to give the ripoff outfit another chance in return for three free months, a neato mousepad and the promise to be remembered in Steve Whathisname's prayers every night?

I finally told one of the A-holehell sales associates all the state and federal agencies, plus senators and Congress member I was going to complain to if they didn't remove me from their calling list, immediately, completely and permanently. I think in my rage I snarled something about finding out who he was, where his family lived, and making him and them very, very sorry. Like a miracle, the calls ceased. Life has been so much better ever since.

Regarding your deep cover. I understand your reluctance to throw caution to the wind, but an e-mail address of the type you mentioned is quite safe any more. I use the Redmond-provided one and marvel at its accuracy in dumping spam in a separate folder, plus weeding out dangerous bugs and such.