Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sometimes the news just gets too depressing

In the past few weeks there seems to have been more arsons more shootings and more fires and floods then any time I can remember. Then there was the earthquakes and tsunamis on the other side of the world. There's been so much that after a while it all seems to run together in a jumble of bad news. And the stresses of all of it are starting to take its' toll.

Typhoon in Samoa
Fires in California
Floods in El Slavador
Police officer assasinated in Seattle
Mass murder at Fort Hood
Business owner shoots his partner
Gunman kills two at drug testing facility in Portland
Restaurant fires
School fires
Business fires


MRMacrum said...

In a twist of a phrase -

If it wasn't for all the bad News
There'd be no news at all

Which could lead to -

No News is good News

Maybe a visit to the Good News Network is what you need.

Demeur said...

The problem is for every good story I see five bad ones.
A dying boy gets to make a touch down in one story and the next thing you see is two stories about some guy sucker punches an opposing team player and the girl soccer player punching an opponent.

S.W. Anderson said...

There is always plenty of bad news. It's not just what the news brings to you, but what you bring to reading or seeing the news. Your mood or frame of mind.

To lighten things up, watch a daytime cable news/talk show for a while. When they bring on a spokesman for the right to go at it with a spokesman (or in either case woman) for the left, mute the sound and just watch them wrangle. It's often funny.

Bee said...

I subscribe to the Good News Network. It definitely helps. I don't know how that lady manages to find good news, but she does, and it's useful as all get out for breaking the blues-cycle.

MRMacrum said...

Believe me when I say I can relate Demeur. When I get really down about the situation outside, I stop watching the news and start writing anything I can not related to current events. Or I will get on my bike and go for a long ride. That always helps.

The Blog Fodder said...

Thanks for tip on Good News Network.
Around here reading of simple murders and arsons someplace else is a relief. The "news" here is poverty and corruption. We live it and stare it in the face every day.

Randal Graves said...

The world was just as fucked up in 1725, now we simply have the Stevens Tubes and teevee throwing rotten tomatoes at us.

Good news, sure, but have a pint, too.

Tom Harper said...

There's always been plenty of bad news. We just hear about more of it nowadays, because of them intertubes.

But there really does seem to be a spree of arsons and mass murder-suicides lately. Maybe they're just warming up for 2012.

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