Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The holiday has lost much of it's luster. I think the relatives who used to get along fairly well in my younger years have gotten old and grumpy. You know the 'get off my lawn' attitude. Even that fake sense of decorum is gone so now we pretty much celebrate from the safe distance of our own homes. Such a gathering would not be a pretty picture these days as about half the family are republicans and the other half democrats which doesn't make for happy gatherings as almost everyone in the family is out of work at the moment.

So what's to be thankful for in these trying economic times? I guess I am thankful that I was smart enough to pay off and own my own home. Thankful that I'm not living in a tent at a homeless camp. Thankful that nothing lasts forever and maybe some day things will get better.

So in the true spirit of the holiday season "LET US CONSUME MASS QUANTITIES"!

And how about those indians. They knew how to party.


Holte Ender said...

Have a good Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Since I DON'T HAVE YOUR FRIGGIN' EMAIL ADDRESS I have to do it here:



I'm going a google search. found one at TOSHIBA for $100. Elsewhere: $30. But I haven't been able to match the P305D Toshiba number

Anonymous said...


S.W. Anderson said...

Demeur, it's a shame your relatives can't offer it up and make nice for one day, if only as an exercise in self-discipline. All too soon they'll come to realize it's no longer an option, with some having passed away and others too old and infirm to go anywhere. Then, they might wish they had set aside differences and gotten together when they had the chance.

I hope your Thanksgiving is a nice one. Better days are coming. The timing varies, but what goes down does come up.

Robert Rouse said...

Happy Turkey Day!

an average patriot said...

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving and xmas are in your heart and I celebrate them both every day!

BBC said...

Your family talked politics at Thanksgiving? We never did. Hell, we never took up with each other about politics at any time. What each believed and voted was their goddamn business.

Hey, did a wind blow the thatch off the roof of that cabin?

But I haven't been able to match the P305D Toshiba number.

You shouldn't have too, generally speaking. Any converter putting out 19 volts with enough of the required mA's should do it.

I have a whole box full of old converters, one is from a Bell phone that puts out 20 volts at 200mA.

It would likely run the Toshiba. Electronics in those voltage ranges are designed to operate at a few volts above or below the stated requirements.

For example, a car radio rated at 12 volts is often doing just fine at over 14 volts when the car is running cuz the charging system is putting out that much.

And will work at well below 12 votes, much lower than the voltage required to start the car back up.

If you don't have at least 9.5 cranking volts with the starter engaged, forget it, the car isn't going to start.

But you can continue to listen to the radio while you steam up the windows with the mate.

One thing that is critical to voltages (being as I make them) is LED lights. You can't overdo the voltage to them or you burn them out.

You have to stick to the voltage stated for the specs for the bulbs you are using. Half a volt to low and they won't light up, half a volt to high and they fry.

Demeur has followed my blogs for a while so I suppose he recalls that my LED lights in here operate off of a converter from that box of old converters.

But if the grid goes down will also operate off of a car battery, if the car isn't running, my guess is that charging voltage may be too much for them.

No big deal, you can run a lot of LED lights off of a car battery for a week and the car will still start.

Blah blah blah.

BBC said...

Well, family never talked politics but we still never got along, ha ha ha.

BBC said...

Hey, asshole, give us an email address, stop being such a pussy. Even Dana and I have exchanged emails.

Anonymous said...

Visit my blog today darlin. Since I STILL DON'T HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS FOR YOU, I'm answering YOU on MY blog.

Anonymous said...