Monday, November 2, 2009

Here there insanity everywhere

First thought was how nice they took the steel from the WTC and made it into a battleship the USS New York. Then that feeling of conscience took over. You know the one. After an initial gut reaction that part of brain looks at the overall picture and reacts. Looking far down the road at what may happen. We were attacked on 911. That's a fact that will live forever. Nothing will change it. And the first response, that knee jerk reaction is to kill everything that crawls the earth that so much as resembles those responsible. But then the light of sanity takes over. To go after anyone the even looks remotely like the perp is foolish or should I say childish. What should be a police action has now become a world obsession and god help those that stand in our way.
No, better use for this material would have been a hospital or homeless shelter or anything that would save lives. Alright call me a bleeding heart but before you do consider the future. Ask how many more will die at the hand of this warship? How many women and children will fall from the missles of this ship? How much more hate will be bred by its' actions?

A Seattle police officer was killed on the job in an unprevoked attack while sitting in his patrol car discussing a police matter with a trainee. My initial guess is that this was some type of gang initiation. It had been the gangs were fighting amongst themselves with shoot outs. And again the knee jerk reaction would be to round up all the members and throw them in jail or worse, but that would never really work. Where or when will this all end? Last time the leaders were rounded up and given long jail times only to get out and start all over again about 15 years later.

Company recalls over 500,000lbs of beef with e-coli. I'd say that will be the end of that company. It may well be that to get ground beef you'll have to grind your own. So I see our system of food checks is still broken even though much was started with additional manpower and resources.

Largest bank in the country went belly up. CIT filed bankruptcy on Friday. They get the elevator and we got the shaft. U.S. taxpayers will lose around $2 billion in this. If that wasn't bad enough 9 other banks took a dive. Hey weren't they supposed to put some safeguards in place to protect our assets in this deal?

Report says economy turning around. The market jumps 100+ points. Ha don't believe it, it's just money chasing itself. An illusion of the cruelest kind. You think your stock is really worth what they say? Just stop to remember what your house was worth three years ago. Then you have companies lying about the earnings estimates. Oh and keep an eye on those bank fee and interest rates. They're all looking to jack up rates before the credit laws change next year.

So where am I going with all this blathering? Hell I don't know I'm nucking futz you know.... later.


NorthCountryLiberal said...

I like hamburger. I started grinding my own last year when I read that the processers add by-products that come from as far away as Venezuela and those by-products are not inspected by the FDA. I don't know if that is true or not, but I can at least control the fat content and know exactly what cut of meat I'm eating. I also make my own sausage and jerky. Vennison burger is delicious if you mix it with 25% turkey.

BBC said...

We were attacked on 911. That's a fact that will live forever.

Well, we asked for it, maybe not you and me but the country at large asked for it.

And like you said, it's a fact that will live forever because those in this country responsible for it will keep it alive to keep it to their advantage for the support of the many while they fleece them.

NCL, or if you mix it with 20-25% pork. Venison needs just a little of some kind of fat in it cuz the fat on venison pretty much sucks when it is there.

BBC said...

Being crazy is okay, it beats the hell out of being stupid or insane.

Actually stupid trumps insane, the stupid ones don't have to deal with all this, they just live their lives in happy bliss, la la la.

S.W. Anderson said...

I like your observation on the significance of stock market upticks. Mistaking that for real economic gain is foolish. U.S. businesses and farms need to produce more things and sell them to more people here and abroad. As you said, the rest is money shuffling among the overleveraged and overborrowed, leading eventually to the next bubble bursting.

Ground beef is not properly and thoroughly tested to prevent serious disease outbreaks. It's not the ranchers or feedlots' fault. It's the slaughterhouses, meat packers and processors. They should not be allowed to decide whether they will do the testing required for public safety. People are dying because of their greed and stupidity.

MRMacrum said...

We specialize in knee jerk reaction and apathy. That the two can co-exist comfortably in one people would seem odd, but there it is.

Holte Ender said...

The image you used atop of this post, sums everything up.

The illusions on Wall Street of a recovery are just that. Recovery without jobs, good jobs, is smoke and mirrors, to quote The Who "We Won't Get Fooled Again."

Knee jerk reactions to events seem to be a human trait, and not being able to cope with the consequences, is another one.

The Blog Fodder said...

There are always rumours about strange things added to ground beef. Most untrue, but if you doubt, buy from a reputable retailer, unless your regulations are less stringent than Canadian. Or grind your own. And do add some pork to the venison.

Back at Expo 1967 in Montreal there was a scandal about tainted hamburger meat. Found out from an RCMP friend years after that a few unwanted gangsters had apparently ended up in the burgers.

Randal Graves said...

After seeing some internets yokels clamoring for the Super Duper Freedom Liberty Tea Party Tower to be in the same of a giant middle finger, I guess the steel being used in future Let's Kill Some Brown Folks adventuring is bit more subdued.

Tom Harper said...

All right, that's enough sunny optimism. Isn't there anything grim you could write about?

BBC said...

Back at Expo 1967 in Montreal there was a scandal about tainted hamburger meat. Found out from an RCMP friend years after that a few unwanted gangsters had apparently ended up in the burgers.

Hum, pork, monkey, does it make any difference?