Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A thought came to me

We're slowly becoming part of the Borg or is it the Matrix? I'm not quite sure. Think about it for a sec. How much time do you waste surfing the innertubes with relationships from one end of the country to the other? Or is it world wide now? Like a human lump sitting in a chair staring emotionless at a screen, that window to the outside world. Think were obese now just wait another generation when the spawn are bigger than Jabba the Hut. Then there's Twitter. Sounds like some form of masterbation to me. The teacher caught Johnny twittering in the cloak room. "Johnny cut that out! You want to go blind?" And with the size of phone screens getting smaller he just might.
So here we sit wondering about things and looking for things we wouldn't have thought about in years past. Where does this all get us? Is this just some fools' errand? The new TV of the 21st century. What was once the lure of vast quantities of higher learning now seems to be reduced to a time waste of watching a cat chase a lazer dot on Youtube. You just have to watch this latest video of yet another bumpkin making a fool out of himself as he falls from the roof or drives the family car through the livingroom wall.
Nay this is not life. If I'd have wanted this I would have taken some strong meds and gone back to bed and had weird dreams. Something that even the best writers on TV couldn't have thought of. No. It's time to get up from this chair because for all the rain we've had here I'm liable to start growing moss. Or I could just sit here and listen to my arteries harden between keystrokes. No, better to get up and get moving lest I get blood clots in my legs. But then again there was that blogger I found from outer Sillystan that I've been meaning to get back to.

Oh well see you tomorrow.. same time ... same place.


Holte Ender said...

Know what you mean, especially about being caught twittering? See you tomorrow. Don't watch too much Youtube.

S.W. Anderson said...

I think we've all had thoughts along the lines you're thinking. I know I have. We're creatures of habit, and especially during colder weather, when being outside is less than delightful, it's easy to fall into the habit of spending hours watching one tube or another.

Thinking about what we're doing and making deliberate choices that add variation and get us doing things that are better for us is the answer, IMO. For example, last night I logged off the PC and spent about 45 minutes exercising and using the treadmill. I've been doing that two or three times a week for the past 10 weeks. I'm not a fitness nut, but I know it's good for me. I've got cholesterol and an a midsection to keep under control, and exercise helps. But it also helps invigorate the mind and spirits. There's a mild sense of accomplishment or satisfaction, helped by endorphins, no doubt.

But there are other things to do. Sometimes, if something's on, listen to radio instead of watch TV. Or, make it a point to finish that book I started reading in August. Or bake something.

And, give yourself something to look forward to. Plan lunch or supper at a place that's a treat or serves very different food from what you're used to. It doesn't have to be high-priced gourmet dining, either. It could be a pub that makes an incredible hot pastrami sandwich with great cole slaw on the side. Or, it could be some place that serves terrific hot dogs with the works. But set a day and time, and go and enjoy.

an average patriot said...

Computers seem to largely be our main form of communication but thankfully for me I interact daily with friends and daily with my grandkids and 4 sons. That is enough one on one to me to keep me here on earth!

Tom Harper said...

I like staring vapidly at the intertubes as much as the next person. But those forwarded YouTubes are where I draw the line. "Hey, check out this ten minute video of a horse snuggling up with a frog. Isn't this cuuute?"

Maybe I should just get rid of the computer and go outside and get a life.


BBC said...

Or is it world wide now?

I get visits from all over this rock. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, you name it, I get them.

Computers is just the next evil after TV. But I don't take a computer or phone or TV camping with me. Just heavy books and my brain.

Think I'll get a laptop to take camping though, ha ha ha. But just for word processing out there.

BBC said...

Like a visit from: Mostar, Federation Of Bosnia And Herzegovina, Bosnia And Herzegovina.

Hell in the hell did they come across me?

BBC said...

Lets face it, we're all fucking crazy. Grabs pocket pussy, fucks Leslie, tosses pocket pussy in the corner.

ha ha ha ha ha ha

Randal Graves said...

As long as the internets has porn, it'll be worthwhile.

tom, who watches that crap? Now, if an army of frogs mercilessly took down a horse, that'd be something to see.