Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Friday the 13th

But it has nothing to do with this guy. I never saw why this guy was so scary anyway. Now if you're looking for scary you might try this guy

This would be one Tony Alamo who was sentenced to 175 years for sex crimes with minors. He took on underage girls for his 'wives'.
But enough of the scary stuff. I don't go for all the superstious stuff anyway. As the story goes my one brother was born on Friday the 13th in room 1313 and mom just happened to have 13 cents in her purse or so she said. My brother made it through Vietnam and continued to fly as a pilot for many years and he considers 13 as his lucky number.

Jim over at Major Conflict has a very good article about our current political situation. It is rather long but pretty much sums things up nicely.
Dog Eat Dog


an average patriot said...

I almost forgot it was Friday the 13th! I could never understand why that first picture is scary but the second one looks like Jack Nicholson. What do you think?

S.W. Anderson said...

I think Dick Cheney flashing his signature sneer is scarier than the movie psychotic in the hockey mask. Cheney is responsible for real-life acts of torture, brutality and killing people wholesale, as opposed to retail on-screen violence.

As for Friday the 13th being unlucky, it seems to be a YMMV thing.

BBC said...

I don't believe in the Friday the 13th hooey and all that, bad things happens to monkeys everyday.

I figure I have a lucky number but I know that it's just my own little delusion.

Not going to tell the story again but all my race and demo cars were the number 55.

As for Tony, rolls eyes, he should have just been shoot and saved the taxpayers a lot of money.

What I enjoy about politics is - nothing, the script offends me.

I won't go read his post, anyone that thinks they understand politics and can make them work for them is a fool.

I'm rather fond of anarchy myself.

Randal Graves said...

Someone will remember the Alamo.

22222 said...

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BBC said...

Someone will remember the Alamo.

And a whole fucking lot of other things, anything to keep the nonsense going.

911 may still be here in 25/50/75/110 years being as I'm surrounded by fucking idiots.

America asked for 911, get the fuck over it!!!!

S.W. Anderson said...

Demeur, 22222 is a Taiwan-based comment spammer, and a very enterprising and slippery one at that.

BBC said...

I knew that 22222 was that the moment I got to that comment, so I didn't look at the profile/link.

BBC said...

I mean that I knew as soon as I saw the comment here, I didn't look at the profile or link.

BBC said...

Demeur, 22222 is a Taiwan-based comment spammer, and a very enterprising and slippery one at that.

Hum, slippery one, is KY Jelly involved?

dana said...

Friday the 13th? EVERY day is Friday the 13th! Superstition versus there a difference?