Thursday, November 19, 2009


For all those out there who got their panties in a bunch over Obama bowing here's a shot of Raygun meeting with Al Qaeda before they became that organization and are now our enemies.

U.S. threatens Iran if they don't quit their nuclear program. What are we going to do throw spitballs at them? Our military is stretched to the max and they know it. If we or anyone else attacks they'll start shooting missles at Israel in retaliation.

Health care is slowly moving forward. Normally I wouldn't care that much one way or another but when you're out of work you lose your coverage. A whole lot of us have done just that. And that 46 million figure they talk about with no coverage is bull because every month another couple hundred thousand have lost coverage. When you're on unemployment you can't afford to buy a COBRA. There's a snake that would devour your bank account in short order. I'm still leaning towards a national sales tax to pay to cover everyone. Slap a 4% federal tax on all non food items then you could lower the state sales tax since it would get a bunch of money off the states' back as well as businesses. And this way you don't need any penalties for people who don't sign up. Everybody gets covered and it would keep Medicare and Medicade solvent.

Stay tuned for my Sarah Palin contest (I'm surprised nobody thought of this one sooner)


Tom Harper said...

OMG, Reagan was a traitor! A terrorist sympathizer! I new he was too liberal back in 1980. The Republican Party should have nominated a REAL American -- Lyndon LaRouche or George Lincoln Rockwell -- instead of that Hollywood elitist.

Randal Graves said...

There's no way that beardless dude in the middle is still with Al-Qaeda. I think he drums for ZZ Top nowadays.

I still think we should soak the rich, but then again, I'm a diehard advocate for actual class warfare.

S.W. Anderson said...

COBRA has been outrageously overpriced all along. It hits people when they're most vulnerable financially and least comfortable about paying through the nose for anything. I'm amazed anyone who's not seriously ill and in need of constant treatment signs up for COBRA.

The health care reform we need is that which makes COBRA no longer necessary because people have continuous coverage, even when unemployed.

Yes, Reagan was cozy with the Mujahadeen, just as he was good buddies with Saddam Hussein, encouraging Iraq to fight and keep fighting Iran in the futile 1980s war the two countries fought.

Politicians make strange bedfellows, the saying goes. Crackpot crusaders take the concept to a new level of kinky perversity.