Monday, December 28, 2009

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(graphic stolen from Py)
Welp some Nigerian kid tries to set off a bomb on a plane and now you can't take a pee one hour before the plane lands. That will go well with people taking water pills or who get the runs while from a visit to a foreign land. And what is the republican answer to this situation? Fire the union screeners because they make too much and have too many benefits. This from the idiot Demint of South Carolina. I'd like to remind Mr. Demint that we had a privatized airport screeners when 911 happened. Those were the minimum wage part time people who couldn't spot a terrorist if they were handed an Al Qaeda id card.
The other thing to remember was that this person was screened in the Netherlands not in the U.S. so the blame falls on them. The no fly list is based on criminal offenses that comes up when a person ties to fly. The watch list has other criteria. If an individual has no criminal background then there is no reason to prevent them from flying. So rather than put more resources into tracking down the bad guys we all get to be yet more inconvienced with more pat downs and maybe more invasive searches. What's next? Underwear searches? Forget about getting into an accident. Just don't forget to change your drawers before you go. And there will be those who say this is the price that we must pay. If that's the price then they have won. We'll keep changing our security measures until no body wants to fly. Then they will have won. Security by the way is just an illusion.


BBC said...

I have a very simple solution, I don't fly anywhere. And they are not fucking around in my yard and shitting on my porch, so fuck it, I'm tired of worrying about it all.

Let them kill each other and others, it helps with population control.

S.W. Anderson said...

The new TSA rules about the last hour of flight are beyond stupid. They're an extreme embarrassment. I predict Obama will quietly order the top idiots at DHS and TSA to drop that nonsense within a few days. I know he ought to do that.

There's no excuse for the perp not having been on the no-fly list. Anytime reputable, credible family members ID someone as an Islamic extremist and potentially dangerous, that person should go on the no-fly list immediately. If he/she can prove they're being refused because family members lied about them, then consider taking them off the list, but only after a careful doublechecking of the facts.

Roger Owen Green said...

Damn fool rules are NOT making me feel more secure, I'll tell you that

Holte Ender said...

It's the nature of the world we are living in, there are people who want to put a hurt on the "Great Satan" at every opportunity. Airlines should take a greater responsibility in not only screening us, but screening their employees too, who knows how many sympathizers are working on the inside at airports around the world. If governments grounded all planes worldwide, indefinitely, they would find something else to bomb, trains or road junctions, shopping malls or banks. It's a mess and thinking that closing the bathrooms on planes for an hour is the answer, is nothing but a reaction and a laughable one at that.

pygalgia said...

It's the republican way. Obstruct the government and restrict the public. That way you look like you're doing something.

Four Dinners said...

Being a (recently ex) airport worker at Heathrow I can guarentee this.

A modicom of intelligence - which this individual clearly didn't have - and you can bring an aircraft down.

I could do it tomorrow.

Fortunately. A modicum of intelligence tends to mean you would rather go to the pub for a beer than blow yourself and several hundred people up.

The danger is when an 'intelligent' person is pursuaded to do it.

Then we have a problem.

Take a boat....;-)

Happy New Year to you and yours x

Randal Graves said...

They won eight years ago. This is a nation full of pansies. No offense to the flowers out there.

Distributorcap said...

the whole security think is a giant I Love Lucy episode, where the terrorists are chocolates and the govt is on the line wrapping them

you cannot stop them - but only americans seem to think we can stomp them all out

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