Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Heads up

Tomorrow night is a blue moon. That's the second full moon in a month that doesn't happen very often. To happen on New Years is a once in 19+ year event. So if it's clear where you are tomorrow night take a peek. And if there is something that you'd only do once in a blue moon then tomorrow night is your time.
Can you think of anything that only happens once in a blue moon?
My pick - Democrats getting their bill through congress without changes.

Your pick?


Tom Harper said...

"Democrats getting their bill through congress without changes." It hasn't happened yet. I think that only happens every tenth blue moon.

That's cool having a full moon on New Year's Eve. I think our area has rain in the forecast, but I'll keep an eye out for it.

BBC said...

I'm spirit, I've been looking at that moon for billions of years so I hardly pay any attention to it anymore, it's just a fucking moon to me.

I've booked a hotel room and I'm going to bed early, the new year can just damn well come in without me staying up to welcome it.

Has been for billions of years anyway. Only monkeys get entranced with all that crap.

BBC said...

Oh, and fuck the health care bill, I don't care about it anymore, it will just end up being another piece of shit.

So a lot of old monkeys don't want to die and want everyone else to help try to keep them alive, sorry, but it doesn't work like that here.

They are going to die anyway. All monkeys die.

pygalgia said...

it's a very cool thing.

Demeur said...

Booked a hotel room? that's a sure fire way to be woke up an hour later. Then there's the mattress music in the next room to deal with. ha ha ha

BBC said...

Mattress music, ha ha ha.

On new years eve? Get a grip, I made sure I got an end room so that could only happen on one side of me anyway.

If any monkeys in the room next to me are still sober enough to screw after midnight I'm sure I won't hear them anyway.

And I made sure that they don't allow parties in that hotel before I booked a room in it.

And if one does start up you can bet I will shut it down real fast.

BBC said...

On new years eve most of the screwing going on is going on in restrooms and parking lots.

Just saying.

Holte Ender said...

No good hoping for "Health Care Bill" all the Republicans are flying to Amsterdam to check out the full body scanner.

Four Dinners said...

I will howl at midnight.

Well traditionally the power of speech will have left me by then anyroad!!!....;-)

Happy New Year

BBC said...

Happy New Year... Be safe and sane this evening, whatever in the hell sane is.

Distributorcap said...

i looked up and the moon was still white 8-)

happy new year