Monday, December 21, 2009

Random things

I guy in Japan wants to marry a video character. Well at least he'll be able to shut her up when he wants to.

The Seapigs lost on Sunday. Wouldn't be bad if it wasn't against one of the worst teams. On the good side Randal Graves will be glad that the Browns finally won one. That's the law of averages for you Randal.

In it's current state the health care bill is a no win for consumers and a win win for republicans, conservedems, and the insurance companies. Republicans will vote against it even though they are secretly for it in it's present state. That's because there's no public option (wouldn't want competition) or a Medicare buy in. It will if passed give insurance companies 30 million new customers paying premiums and if they can't pay the government will either provide them with taxpayer funds or a fine that will land up in the insurers pockets. Nothing will change other than a win fall for the insurance companies. And you thought the bank bail out was costly. This will pale by comparison. At least with the bankers it was a loan that will be paid back.


BBC said...

I guy in Japan wants to marry a video character.

I think you mean 'A guy', but whatever. But I don't get it myself, why marry a video character? I just got to the root of the problem and married a pocket pussy, okay adopted one, I don't feel the need for a marriage license.

I don't care what they do with the health care thing, I'm not giving the insurance companies any money to make them richer.

It's a county hospital here, if I'm sick they have to fix me, and if I can't afford it, and who can? They have to eat it.

If they don't fix me I get dead.... Whatever, can't get out of getting dead anyway. I've gotten so cranky I'll outlive these assholes I don't like anyway, it keeps me going. :-)

BBC said...

You have two options, insurance companies getting richer, or government socialized health care.

Hey, that government socialized health care care works real good for the members of government, but I guess it's too good for us.

Well, many seem to be against it, so there you go, silly monkeys.

The Blog Fodder said...

Government funded and managed health care works very well all over the world, BBC. Only the poorest countries and the richest country haven't adopted it.

NorthCountryLiberal said...

What do you want, a rubberrr bisquit?

an average patriot said...

I agree with you on the video, is that you under that bag? You know, insurance companies get a wind fall, 30 million new customers or they get fined. Yeah that's a win

Randal Graves said...

I misunderestimated your Hawks. I figured there was no way they could be struck by injuries so hard again, but they were, and on top of that, all of your healthy players have played like crap.