Thursday, December 31, 2009

To better things ahead

When you assume failure you won't get your expectations dashed. I expect the new year to be about as bad as this past year maybe worst. That way if it does get better I'll be ahead of the game. Sick logic I know but that's the way I think. I always assume everything will go wrong and sometimes it does so there's no surprise for me. Think that's what's kept me alive the last 20 years.

I see my voodoo doll of Rush Limpballs is starting to work. Now if I could just get that one of Cheney working.

So as I look in my crystal ball for the New Year I see more deaths in the middle east (no ball needed for that one). More job losses although not as bad. More foreclosures and that's something to keep an eye on later in the year as Alt-A loans reset. And I'm sure they'll be more sex scandals and scams along with some natural disasters. Don't look for health care to be anything to cheer about as the insurance companies have done their job in paying off our leaders. Security at airports will be high until airlines start loosing money then things will relax. TV will give us more reality shows and sitcoms that I won't watch. What's next? "Light bulb changer" or "sewage treatment operators", truly gripping entertainment.
And so life will go on in good times or bad. Let's be hopeful for better.

A Happy New Year from here or have a Crappy New Year if that's your choice.


Roger Owen Green said...

Happy New years. what the heck.

S.W. Anderson said...

I like a cat who really gets into the swing of things. Good for Fred there.

As for what lies in store for us in the new year, I expect you'll be about right on all counts. Trying to be optimistic, I sincerely hope it's better and brighter for you and all of us. I take some comfort in the fact George W. Bush or someone equally awful isn't president, and Dick Cheney is reduced to bitching, moaning, harping and carping from the sidelines.

Re: your voodoo doll. Best laugh of the day. They said Limbaugh was admitted with chest pain. Good luck getting an EKG on him. First, they'll have to find his heart. My guess is it will turn out to be a case of gas pains. After all, he's been off the radio for a few days, so there's probably been a buildup. :)

The Blog Fodder said...

Pessimists are surprised. Optimists disappointed. Happy New Year, D.

Distributorcap said...

happy new year D...

i too dont have much hope for a better 2010 - but like Fodder said, that way i can only be surprised.

i used to think america would wake up - now i know we are on a permanent dose of valium

Holte Ender said...

I am always disappointed by how the year turns out, so guess I am an optimist, so I have to say this year will be better. Happy New Year.

Bee said...

I live by the same motto, Demeur. Expect the worst. Then, when good things happen, you're pleasantly surprised, and when the worst happens - well, you're never disappointed. It's worked for me most of my life. Occasionally I am even pleasantly surprised :)

So, Happy New Year, anyway, here's hoping you had a good day!

Suzan said...

I'm there too.

Thanks for the great commentary.

If 2010 is only a smidgen better, it won't be enough.

Thanks, again!


Now if I could just get that one of Cheney working.

Anonymous said...

Amazing as always

BBC said...

All my bitching about the big picture aside, 2009 was okay to me personally. I expect 2010 to be about the same, other than my money won't go as far, but I can make a little if I feel the need to.

Not likely I will feel the need to though being as I can get by so cheap.

Hang in there buddy.

Anonymous said...

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