Saturday, April 9, 2011

And congress keeps playing their games

Death panels? You ain't seen nothing like a rethuglicon death panel. Grandma won't have a chance when they get finished gutting Medicare. Hey! And Grandma you better fork over the cat food because the boys on Wall Street want even more. Safety net? No more safety nets for you if something goes wrong.
Hold on to your wallets boys and girls because while congress is busy finishing off the last of the country's safety nets and robbing and future your kids might have, the boys in the corporate board rooms are planning on raising prices with the help of their Wall Street amigos. Speculation is in this year. My guess is that even though we've had one of the wettest springs on record they will call it a drought thereby jacking up food prices. We've already seen that with gas prices. No major increase in demand and an increase in supply but still they keep a going up. (there's a song lyric in there somewhere I'm sure). You'll just ride the bus you say. Ha! Increase fares and cuts in service is the new mantra. But I hope you won't mind a four hour daily commute if you don't mind wasting half your day waiting for the 710 to a job that barely covers the rent.
Just wonder with unemployment said to be falling just how many of the uncounted fell off the list and are now to the delight of rethuglicons "on their own". And just whom do they think will be paying taxes sans a job when they've hung the bill on those least able to pay? Are we beginning to see the breaking point with mass unreported and under reported protests in state capitols around the nation?

As for the current BS now reported as high level economic meeting in the halls of congress it's become a shell game of sorts. One side whining that a debt will be the end of the world while the other side keeps calling for a bipartisan compromise. It's bull I tell you. They are both on the same side fighting for their corporate masters. All of them! It works like this: One side makes a proposal while the other holds fast. Then the ones making the initial proposal cave a bit and the cuts get larger. The holdouts continue saying it's not enough. And if you guessed the proposal makers cave yet again you get the gold star for the day. So with that bit of info folks anybody care to wager where the final figure will be? That is seeing how the rethuglicons pulled the figures out of where the sun doesn't shine? And what's to become of these cuts? It's so that corporations will get yet more tax breaks that they don't need. Just how does GE need another tax cut when they don't pay any taxes in the first place?

And the circus continues. Please cue the music Maestro.


BBC said...

My plan is to keep on keeping on with my little income the best I can. If I get really sick and there is no help for me I'll just die and move on, not getting out of that in the long anyway and It's peaceful where I'll be going.

Anyway, yesterday Jeff told me that we are going to have to buy a yearly permit to camp in the national forest areas that up to now have been free.

I'll just have to pay it, it'll still be cheaper than paying for campgrounds.

BBC said...

Hum, maybe having to have a permit will keep some of the trash out of the forests. On the other hand, I've yet to see a forest official in the forest, they are way understaffed.

It's okay, I'm my own cop out there.

BBC said...

Hey, if you want to keep every damn government under the sun going you are going to have to pay more taxes. The rich damn sure aren't.

Demeur said...

Unless they start issuing night vision to park rangers people will still sneak into our national forests.
I don't expect all government programs to survive but I'll be damned if I'll let them take us back to the 1890's with no safety laws or safety nets. These guys are just greedy.
How about corporations paying their fair share for a change?