Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Side show Bob

Gets his two minutes of fame by claiming it was he and he alone that caused Obama to produce his birth certificate. Wonder if the Donald required his barber to produce certifications before placing scissors to hair? Inquiring minds want to know.
And while the circus continues, we all know the show must go on, hundreds if not thousands fall out of the safety net known as unemployment insurance. Oh but I forgot that's an entitlement as if that were some dirty word. Hey clowns, that's what entitlement means, you pay for something therefore you are entitled to it. I guess that's true unless you're middle class or poor then it's give me your money and you get nothing in return. All sales final, no COD s, void only when we say it's void.
Yet this birther thing is just another example of smoke and mirrors to direct your attention away from the plan to steal your medicare and gut social security. Where's the money going you might ask? If it were to balance the budget or pay off the national debt and that was your guess then you get the prized Golden Stiffy award for today. (Tim you really need to bring that back it was a winner) Oh no those of the party of greed have more nefarious plans for your hard earned bucks. Seems they need another vacation home in the Bahamas because the first one is either too small or maybe one is just not enough. Or perhaps the giant Ponzi scheme know as Wall Street can't keep up the image. Haven't we seen this just one too many times to not know the outcome? Shall I refresh your memory? Not exactly sure of the order but Savings and Loans, gold, internet/tech, housing, banks, oil, gold, oil (yes I know I said oil and gold twice but they've happened/ing twice). And we all know what goes up must come down but not until some computer program has sliced off a nice profit before the bubble burst and woe be to him without a chair when the music stops because it sure hurts when your life savings is gone to some smart ass greedy Wall Streeter who uses a computer that's faster than anything you can afford.

But I digress the show goes on as the clowns are pigging the stage and the pick pockets need not even place their greasy hands in your pocket. They have your bank account number. Hell they run the bank and the rules are now all on their side.


Randal Graves said...

See, America's Ex-Greatest Performance Artist was right! Hoard gold! And cans of soup! And Brylcreem!

Um, this is Sideshow Bob, sir.

S.W. Anderson said...

Your last paragraph states the situation all too well. The illustration marks something of an improvement when compared to The Comb-over From Hell.

Ranch Chimp said...

That is EXACTLY what all this shit is about Demeur ... a sideshow carnival ... because I will bet my paycheck Guy ... that "IF" the GOP win's any more power next election, especially the Oval Office ... we are in for a royal f'ng of our life as far as our SSI, unemployment, medicaid (or whatever they call it), etc, etc ... not that many Democrat's wont be bought, but rest assured ... it is ONLY the Democrat's who will make the American people's ride much smoother ... and NO ... no matter how stupid and ignorant the GOP seem's to be ... I DO NOT TRUST THEM OR THIS NEXT ELECTION ... and know all kind's of anonymous campaign funding will be happening ... their banking on taking full control of the WH after 2012 ... and I wrote plenty about the reason's why myself. Beside's ... we are in for some harder time's economically ... as I have posted ... if the right gained more power in the 2010 election and the corporate machine made it too the 50 yard line and have the ball in the last two minute's of the game, we are in for a ride. Beside's with everytjhing that is currently going on in the market's and with the new recent support for these icon's and how we are getting back to what's considered "normal" ... we have only STARTED to rehash the same misery that brought us to this point, and it will intensify the next time, you can bank on it, I been preparing for this for a long time as you can see. I'll shut the Hell up other than that.