Friday, April 1, 2011

Beavers are back as promised

Spring has sprung and the beavers are back as promised. I must say they aren't to happy about the situation in the world. But at this time of year they may have other things on their minds seeing as how they are natures' fuzzy little lumberjacks that they are.

Still not much concrete information on exactly how much radiation is reaching U.S. shores. All I'm hearing is how much below accepted levels have been found in dairy and air samples. Would be nice to let us know exactly how much that is. Even a lowly haz mat worker gets to see lab results of what he's being exposed to.

Libya oh Libya what are you going to do when your generals leave you Momar? A nice incentive to use against an advancing army is to remind them that they could be held for war crimes later. Rebels trying to win a war against a trained army not even knowing how to load a weapon? Come now we know that the U.N forces will have to win this one for them.

And still nothing of the hypocrisy of supporting dictators in other countries with people fighting the very same fight. But maybe I've forgotten it's all about appearances and labels. While one is cast as a freedom fighter another is cast as a terrorist or terrorist sympathizer. Oh silly me I must have lost my ticket to the Tea Party Express. Isn't today the day we all wear our underwear on the outside? And no tongue in cheek or anywhere else for that matter intended. And no April fools' trickery intended there either.

Bank fails later or not.


Randal Graves said...

Relax, there's no radiation.

April Fools!

Tom Harper said...

Thank you. I've been waiting six months for my beaver shot.

BBC said...

Spring has sprung

And it won't fucking stop raining.

Anonymous said...

If you've never seen WAG THE DOG you, of all people, should be forced to watch it. Ever since seeing that movie (3 times so far) I never believe any reports to the public. I just know the poor workers at the Nuclear plant were told to "work or get fired" just to make it look like there wasn't a problem.

Humans in control of radiation? No contest.

Christensenldpi said...

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