Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter beaver

Somehow the week got away from me minus a few posts. Time flies when you're having so much fun. Most of the news has been on recycle anyway i.e. protests in the Middle East, governments killing people in the Middle East, nuclear meltdown in Japan continues, floods tornadoes and fires here. So as we move forward hopping from one disaster to another little seems to change only the days. But there's one burning question I'd like to know in all this. Just who the hell stole our spring! Can it be that global warming is real and that we up here in the Northwest get all the crappy cold wet weather? (I know we are known for our abundance of rain but this is getting ridiculous) I think I'm starting to grow moss in the folds of my skin.

Bank fails later if I think about it.


okjimm said...

Ha! Doan know who stole spring.... but I sure would like give her/him a piece of my mind!!!! ... and I doan have much left... i am down to the reese's pieces!

Randal Graves said...

Happy pagan fertility rite! May you all get some.

The Blog Fodder said...

Cold here too but warm in Siberia. When we get there that will likely change. Wish someone would do a country by country or region by region and show us the temperature changes. "Global" is a big address.

an average patriot said...

Pretty screwed up isn't it? You bet there's global warming but natural, man made and both. Funny This is the first spring we have had in a few years. Last year we went from winter to 90 in April. This year we are having our good old spring. Things are sure screwed up all around though.

S.W. Anderson said...

Fellow sufferer, I hear you and feel your pain. Yesterday in these parts the weather was mid-February reloaded, with damp, frosty-cold wind, sleet, snow and rain, at various times, with a couple of sun breaks thrown in for nose-thumbing contrast.

Today, we had something approximating a nice n mid-March day during a better year. Tomorrow we might, with unaccustomed luck, hit the big 6-0 degrees, with sun, yet. Nobody's placing bets it will actually happen, though.

Screwed up weather? You betcha.