Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Need a new house?

As sad as this may sound one will be floating your way in about three years.

A debris field 69 miles long some 2.2 million square feet in area is floating off the coast of Japan and headed our way. It's expected to make land fall in 2014, This field consists of houses, boats, cars, and everything else that washed out to sea from the tsunami. Sadder still is the fact that many bodies may be in that debris field as some 10,000 people lost their lives from the quake and tidal wave that hit Japan. When you see photos of this mass of debris it's hard to wrap your head around the enormity.

I had more but Bogger is being pissy this morning and loosing my content.


BBC said...

I really don't think the cars will make it this far. As for usable building materials I'm not sure much of it will be worth much by the time it gets here.

Bodies? Don't the sea critters generally eat them up? Well, maybe only if they sink.

It's ugly but the same could happen here with all these monkeys living right on the coasts.

BBC said...

I guess they pretend that it couldn't/wouldn't happen here. The monkeys are good at ignoring things like that.

S.W. Anderson said...

I'm with BBC on cars and other heavy things that don't float making it to our shore. I've flown about two-thirds of the way across the Pacific. It was an experience that recalibrated my concept of "immense." The debris is sure to encounter many storms and heavy-seas conditions over three years.

Before it makes landfall anywhere an international effort should be made to deal with it. Perhaps some bigger things can be hauled from the water for safe disposal. The rest should probably be demolished to the extent possible. In any case, a refuse mess like that shouldn't be left to nature to contend with. It's too big and surely too full of non-biodegradables and contaminants.

Randal Graves said...

Sweet! Free stuff!

harry said...

Aw, they'll have that cleaned by by the weekend.


an average patriot said...

Whatever is still floating will hit the west coast before heading to Hawaii and then back to Japan. You have to think a lot of the missing people are in there.