Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pearls of wisdom

In stepping back from the days' events I capture a moment or two to reflect on other things. Sometimes things just get too overwhelming for ones' concentration. We are after all the result of the TV generation with the attention span (I'll let you fill in your own analogy). But in looking for just the right image to go with a new post often times takes one on the journey to some better ideas. Abstract concepts are more often than not difficult to convey pictorially so I give up and will just continue on as would Vonnegut. Never stopped him I'm sure.
Back to the tripwires of new ideas as a Randal Graves might put it. In looking up "more of the same" I find "Less is more". And I'm thinking "Less is not more". Less is less. Yes I know we as a nation are a wasteful lot but considering all the factors of the last three or four years I'd bet that we've all cut back to a bare bones operation substituting generics for that once sought after designer brand or saying the hell with it and doing without it all together. That can be verified with a trip to the local barber to find that people are holding off with even a once valued necessity. After all it wasn't like there was an important job interview in the near future. And who in the household would care? It's still me only with longer hair.
But in surfing for a different path and a new idea for which to write about (have we had enough of earthquakes wars and political battles?) I stumble upon some choice cherries hidden in an out of the way place if you know what I mean. The first is that well worn phrase (gulp, I hate the term) 'Outside the box'. You must think outside the box was the mantra for quit a while. No, that's wrong and I'll tell you why. We are always inside a box whether we like it or not. The box is part of us because we are what we are. We are a human package dictated by our physical existence. So when we try to think outside the box all we are doing is looking for another box. (Almost sounds like something out of quantum physics.) But I think there is a grain of truth to it. We are nothing more than slaves to our physical needs motivated by hormones and enzymes and proteins. So all I can suggest is be weary of those that didn't get their fair share of those items at birth or how may have lost them somewhere along the way.

So there's todays' thought. I hope it gives you something to ponder aside from the days' events. And who after all could come up with a photo to capture those ideas to go with this post?

Tomorrow post deals with mistakes if I don't mistakenly forget to post it. Now to find a beaver picture to go with it. It will be Friday after all.


Randal Graves said...

Why don't you get a haircut, you hippie.

an average patriot said...

I have always been a make do generic kind of guy so nothing has changed for me but everything going on here and around the world sure makes you weary. I thought it was bad under Bush!

BBC said...

I'm doing better since spending a lot of time out of Monkeyville and looking at the news and shit I can't change.

Today I started working on the boat, that's something I have control over, and makes my life a tic better.

Demeur said...

Haircut? Didn't you know I was a closet skinhead?

And now we have Bush light with no spine. I don't even drink light beer.

Nope you're just looking for the next trinket to occupy your time until the dirt nap.