Monday, April 18, 2011

Just when you thought it was safe to drink water

Maybe I should title this post "More on Fracking". What's that you say? Haven't been fracked today? To the corporate cronies who'd just assume poison your drinking water so they can make a few more greenbacks I say we need to pipe the stuff directly to their homes. After all they keep telling us it's safe so I'll take their word for it. They won't mind bathing in something similar to gasoline now would they? It'll leave your skin all silky smooth. That is until the cancerous lesions start to show up.
Fracking for those who don't know or forgot is the process of pumping toxic fluids at high pressure into the ground to extract either natural gas or oil. Exactly what's in this fluid is a trade secret but the EPA has tested several sites to find the basic components of gasoline or diesel. Okay I know what you're thinking. If they pump enough of this into the ground then we'll have high test coming out of our faucets. Sorry but what comes out is neither fit to drink nor able to run the family car. Fortunately this is only happening in a few red states at present but we all know the greed of the oil and gas companies. Just a matter of time before they'll want to drill under your house if they can. You won't mind trading your household water supply for a fast couple of grand even though you'll never be able to use the tap or shower again. Right?

Fracking idiots

And I just had a thought. With Japan dumping radioactive waste into the ocean and our American companies injecting toxic chemicals into the ground water then maybe a little fluoride in the water doesn't seem so bad now does it?


S.W. Anderson said...

This practice had better be outlawed. We'll have to have a Love Canal-type series of tragedies and scandal first, of course, but maybe then it will be outlawed.

Back when Love Canal was brought to national attention the big-three TV networks all had quality news-magazine programs doing real investigative work. All that's left now is 60 Minutes. But much of its time is spent on celeb interviews, errata like the first opera company in Bantustan or why motels with bedbugs annoy the hell out of Andy Rooney.

So, who knows.

BBC said...

Ain't no fucking fracking going on around here and we have lots of great water.


BBC said...

The fracking is just part of my devious plan to get rid of a lot of these monkeys.

Roger Owen Green said...

Actor Mark Ruffalo lives in upstate New York, just the most visible of the anti-fracking forces in the state.

Ol'Buzzard said...

I taught school in an Eskimo village on the mighty Kuskokwim River in Alaska. Up river from our village was a active gold mine and an old molybdenum mine. The cancer rate in our village was unusually high and I suspect the water and the fish coming from the river. The Yukon was no better: gold mines, copper mines, platinum mines... When I buy salmon I steer clear of the "pristine" wild Alaskan salmon and opt for farm raised Canadian.

Demeur said...

Welcome Ol'Buzzard. You may be right about the fish, but I hear they pump antibiotics into the farm raised variety. We can't win for loosing.
You want to talk about mining look no further than Montana. Back in the 50's and 60's they'd drill for oil and not bother to seal the well with bentonite there by contaminating all the wells in the area. And I'm sure you've heard of Libby, Montana and the asbestos mine there.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

I guess that's one more reason to become an alcoholic.

BBC said...

I guess that's one more reason to become an alcoholic.

Moderation, but little slips are okay.

Randal Graves said...

Relax, eventually we'll get used to the chemicals and once we adapt to our mutations, all you'll have to do is cut holes in your clothes for all those extra limbs.