Saturday, April 2, 2011


Looking for a career change? Looking for a high income salary and a boss that treats you with respect?
The Japanese are looking for a few good men and women for some clean up work. Enter the exciting world of high tech janitorial. Earn like never before with incomes starting at $5000 per day! Have that ugly body hair removed once and for all after just one day on the job. And the best part is no experience necessary. Just be willing to enter a nuclear reactor and seal up an 8" crack. What could be easier? No long training or college courses involved. Be the first in your neighborhood to become a martyr.

Okay okay I know this was just too snarky and uncaring but what are we to do?

I've finally got some figures as to what's coming out of the plant. Readings taken very close to the reactor are 1,000 millisieverts per hour. Two feet away from the entry point read 400 millisieverts. The 400 reading would be about 8 times the permissible exposure limit for a worker at the plant. But again they're feeding us a line when they say that by having the water dump into the sea will dilute it is a line of bull. It doesn't dissolve like sugar in coffee but sinks to the bottom to start killing the bottom life. And here's a note if you like halibut I suggest you purchase it now while you still can. Halibut is a bottom feeder fish which may soon become inedible.

So exactly how did the Ukrainians do in their situation you may ask? First their government lied to them and told them that levels were safe in the areas around the plant (sound familiar?). Then they had an exclusion zone. No one told them there were high levels in their dairy products until later. Soon vegetables were unsafe to eat. What to do? They said the heck with it and started eating the produce and milk anyway. It was either that or stare to death.

What can we expect from this situation? That's hard to say but one thing is for certain if they don't start encasing the reactor soon then a lot of people are going to die. Some a slow painful death. This to my thinking is far worse than any terrorist attack as millions could be affected.

On the bright side I guess we won't have to worry about e-coli or salmonella in our dairy products.


Randal Graves said...

Plus more people with green or orange hair will make civilization much more aesthetically pleasing.

jadedj said...

Or no hair.

BBC said...

I'll address that some more in the morning, not that it will change a damn thing.

S.W. Anderson said...

Rachel Maddow Friday night showed how the world's biggest concrete pump is about to be transported by from the U.S. to Japan, aboard the world's biggest cargo transport, a Russian plane. Interesting stuff, and it looks to be capable of encasing the nuke plants, or at least the most affected parts of them.

Once that's done, whatever the cost or inconvenience, the Japanese government had better come up with a way to relocate every person and living thing it can at least 60 miles from Fukushima. If they don't, not only will there be a horrendous toll in suffering and deaths eight to 20 years hence, but also horrendous health care costs.

Demeur said...

Hey bald is the new crew cut I'm told.

It won't change anything but it sure is fun to watch kind of like a slow motion train wreck. Oops and it's coming our way!

I missed news of the concrete pumper. Now all they need is enough concrete to build a small city to fill it.

BBC said...

I'd like to see about four of them in this country fail, maybe then we could get rid of them.

Or they would get rid of us.