Friday, October 21, 2011

Almost forgot our Friday furry friend

Busy watching and helping out with OWS Seattle branch. A lot of very dedicated people out there camping out to make a statement. What they fail to realize is the extent of the power right here on line and the influences that can be gained with such rapid communications. There are however a few drawback in trying to communicate ideas in 140 characters or less especially when so many ideas are flowing at once. That said we will see how things will progress as people begin to realize the shortcomings.

Bank fails later

Now back to the revolution

Bank fail update 4 bank failed this week 2 in GA one in FL and one in CO


BBC said...

Ceiling cat is watching you masturbate.

Randal Graves said...

They arrested some suckers here last night, and when I got off the Wheelie Bus around 7 for work detail, the tents which The Man said had to be outta here by 6 were in fact outta here. Fizzle fizzle toil foshizzle.

Demeur said...

Oh this ain't over yet my friend. You of all people should remember the storming of the Bastille mon ami.