Monday, October 10, 2011

OWS update

It's getting difficult to count all of the organizations that are joining this movement. Every day I find one or two more getting on board. Some might espouse that this is just some fringe group. They would be very wrong. Originally started by a Canadian group called Adbusters to call attention to the inequities between average Americans and Wall Street, the movement has grown city by city week by week into a nationwide phenomena. And why not? With little else to lose and much to gain the unemployed have no better use for their time. When someone like that has made hundreds of inquiries, sent out as many resumes only to experience "we're not hiring" if they're lucky enough to even hear that phrase. Usually it's no response. But this group isn't made up of just the unemployed. There are those who have lost their homes to greedy and unscrupulous banks and mortgage lenders. Those who were told their retirement savings were safe but now have little left to show for it after the meltdown. And in reading the economic tea leaves the other shoe is about to drop. Nothing like sucking the last drops of blood from the victim.

On a local and personal level the summer wasn't totally cruel with the employment situation but I'm now seeing a slow return of full parking spaces around the neighborhood during the day.

So if you wish to view first hand the response to the carnage of the last few years I give you a list of links below: (the group that started it all)

And for a list of organizations supporting this movement I give you:
• United NY
• Strong Economy for All Coalition
• Working Families Party
• TWU Local 100
• SEIU 1199
• CWA 1109
• Communications Workers of America
• CWA Local 1180
• United Auto Workers
• United Federation of Teachers
• Professional Staff Congress - CUNY
• National Nurses United
• Writers Guild East
• Community Voices Heard
• Alliance for Quality Education
• New York Communities for Change
• Coalition for the Homeless
• Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project (NEDAP)
• The Job Party
• NYC Coalition for Educational Justice
• The Mirabal Sisters Cultural and Community Center
• The New Deal for New York Campaign
• National People's Action
• Human Services Council
• Labor-Religion Coalition of New York State
• Citizen Action of NY
• Common Cause NY
• New Bottom Line
• Tenants & Neighbors
• Democracy for NYC
• Resource Generation
• Tenants PAC
• Teachers Unite


S.W. Anderson said...

That is impressive. At some point, the marginalized will not only be heard from sidelines but be reckoned with in the center. Maybe even because the marginalized have become the majority.

Bustednuckles said...

I hope those fuckers choke on their champaigne as they get drug out in the street.

BBC said...

Yeah, well, sure is a lot of noise out there. But noise is just noise.

The Blog Fodder said...

There is a danger of OWS being co-opted by the Democrats who will promise to deliver. Folks might remember Obama who also promised changed and delivered more Bush. My friend Rob-Bear says it has spread to Canada too.