Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gadaffy Duck is dead and other unimportant news

With the passing of the general and dictator we is yet another middle eastern (or would that technically be African?) country thrust into being destabilized with the loss of another government structure. You should be aware that that leaves a power vacuum when the lights of the presidential palace are shot out. Exactly what this will mean in the short term is anyones' guess. We've had such precious little inside information for the last many years. Even the opposition was quick to repel any outside ground force assistance when offered. Hopefully we will be able to open up a dialogue with opposition groups to understand them better but I think we all know some of the basic demands that lead to this uprising. Funny to stop and consider some of the underlying factors and they're not always about money but about many of the things money can't buy such as respect, fairness and justice.

There was the other night the republican debate. No I didn't bother to watch the 'show' because the best parts are always saved for pundit material later. I have seen more decorum in a Three Stooges pie fight than I saw there which has lead me to the opinion that this is nothing more than a clown circus with the appeal to a preteen audience but that would be an insult to preteens.

A note or two on the occupy wall street movement. As this is still the early phases of the organizing phase it's interesting to note that their resources are gaining by the day. In NY what started as a small gathering with cell phone and lap top coverage has blossomed into a semiprofessional communications system with some high tech equipment. The somewhat casual nature of the reporting is a rather refreshing break from the stale and rigid nightly network news which has tried to control opinion for several decades as it's corporate masters see fit. The beauty of this new manner of reporting is that even the audience can be involved with immediate questions and responses as long as all are civil about the process.

Restaurant nudity to be debated in San Francisco
In San Francisco it's perfectly legal to walk around in the buff but verboten to cover up with a blanket and sleep on the ground.
Go figure.

Greece is on fire and why should it be? The people there are suffering from the same criminality of their financial sector. Nothing like beating on the victim after he's been mugged and robbed.

Lindsey Lohan did not show up for community service as ordered by the court (as if anybody really cares). Hope you'll enjoy your upcoming time in prison. Keep thumbing your nose at the judge girl and see how far it gets you.


Roger Owen Green said...

Egypt may be worse off now than before.

Randal Graves said...

I'm sure the west will stay out of Libya's affairs.

BBC said...

This sure is good turkey.