Wednesday, October 12, 2011

And now for a Dcap moment

A list of republican candidates in photo cartoon fashion for your viewing pleasure.
Viewer alert: You may find these images disturbing or offensive sorry but this is snark get over it.

First Up: Mittens Romney as the Kraken

Never saw a regulation that he wouldn't like to eliminate or water down to the point of ineffectivity (okay I made that word up so sue me Randal does it all the time). And true to party line he's never seen a corporate tax cut he didn't like. And like the monster of the illustration he'd think nothing of gobbling up the jobs and sending them off to foreign lands. Got to keep the lobbyists happy you know.

Next up: Rick (hang em high) Perry or as I like to call him George W. Bush's dumber cousin.

You won't mind starting your day at work (that is if you have a job) with a prayer for rain. Why you ask? In case your house catches fire you'll need something to put it out after Rick has laid off all the firefighters. Your kids will like the fact that they won't have to go to the doctors because he cut their medical coverage unless they're a pre-teen girl then mom and dad will have to flip for a shot. Wouldn't want them coming down with cancer before they're sexually active now would he. And I just can't seem to warm up to a guy who takes glee in his execution record.

Next up: Herman Cain Mr. 9.9.9

Doesn't he have just such a high opinion of his own race?
And his wonderful tax plan would finish the job Bush started. It would effectively place all the tax burden on the middle class and the poor. It would, according to economists, eliminate the entire federal government not leaving even enough to drown in a bath tub. There's got to be some revenge issues with this guy. Forget Sharia law I'm sure this guy could come up with some doozies.

And then there's: Crazy Michele Bachmann

I'm sure her first priority would be a campaign to wipe out the homos with the help of fag fighter first dude husband. Makes me wonder if he doesn't have a wide stance in the restroom wink wink nod nod.

Sorry Dcap I did the best I could but I still can't hold a candle to either you or Darkblack.


Randal Graves said...

You damn kids with your photoshoppery gizmoism.

BBC said...

And don’t believe anyone running for president that says they can improve the economy, they’re just saying what you want to hear.

Demeur said...

Sorry but my daguerrotype skills have long faded.

There in lies the problem Billy none of them are saying what I want to hear.

BBC said...

I kind of like a down economy, it keeps prices down and hookers are willing to dicker and give discounts.

Ole Phat Stu said...

Please change my link in the sidebar to
to get it working again.

Keep on blogging :-)

Stu Savory

Tom Harper said...

LOL. Great photoshoppery.

S.W. Anderson said...

Like Randal said, LOL.

Regarding Bachmann, I don't know if her hubby has a wide stance thing going on, but I wouldn't be surprised if he sings soprano thanks to her.

S.W. Anderson said...

BBC wrote: "don’t believe anyone running for president that says they can improve the economy, they’re just saying what you want to hear."

The economy isn't beyond repair. Give me 70 votes in the Senate and the kind of majority Dems had in the House in '08, and I could get unemployment below 6.5 percent in less than 30 months. I could also reduce the deficit substantially in about seven years.

This doesn't require genius. It does takes determination and a whole lot of votes in Congress.

BBC said...

Mr. Anderson, things don't work like that anymore, and never will again, us old farts just have to accept that.