Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Don't start the revolution without me

(Reminds me of the way the the antagonist reformed in that Terminator movie)

Things are now moving so fast I can barely keep up with the changes. What started out as a small protest on Wall Street is growing faster than bamboo in a rain forest. In a little more than three weeks what started as that small protest has gone nationwide and is moving worldwide in short order. What got nearly no coverage by the main stream media now gets a spot on the nightly news however brief. But like a duck, what's going on out of sight (under the water line) is almost mind boggling. This is truly disheartening when you compare it to the response to Katrina. With little to no resources this protest grew in just a few weeks. Imagine if we as a nation were to tackle our currents problems in such a manner. A bit sloppy yes but the speed of the accomplishment sure would be impressive.
It's almost difficult to keep track of the events that have transpired in just the last few days. Out of the small but growing New York group the movement has gone nationwide with movements in nearly every state. If that didn't leave a lasting impression the movement has moved across borders and gone worldwide. It's hard to keep up with all the organizations joining and adding their expertise. In N.Y. city it started with the Transit Union after they refused to transport arrested protesters. Somewhere in the mix was the nurse's union whom I suspect were working towards this goal long before it started. The local teachers union has joined. The AFLCIO has sent a letter of support. Colleges and universities have scheduled a walk out for 12pm today.

Now if you think this is nothing more than a bunch dope smoking hippies with too much time on your hands think again. There's the students who are saddled with loans amounting to what used to be a mortgage. You have older workers (age 50+) who got dumped when the economy soured many who have yet to find work. There are those who lost their homes to robo signing foreclosures even though they may have been current in their payments. There's those without health care too young for Medicare not broke enough for Medicaid. There are those that had their retirements funds vanish with the wall street meltdown. So unless you're one of the one percent your employment and future is not guaranteed.

Time to run the walkouts are about to start. Current time 8:53am Wed. 10/5/11

Updates later


Randal Graves said...

Apparently, the Clevelandia one is happening tomorrow. I'll probably be surfing for porn.

The Blog Fodder said...

Revolutions happen when people have nothing more to lose and are no longer afraid to die or go to jail.