Thursday, October 27, 2011

The beatings will continue until morale improves

It truly amazes me just how societies can not get their acts together. From a national level all the way down to a small town the rallying cry is for more cuts. All the while the fat cats in the financial sector world wide continue to rake in the dough. This isn't happening in just this country but in Europe and Asia as well. The ones getting the bail outs aren't the people on main street but in the guise of some heroic effort as bail outs for a nation. All the while the people of those countries are getting the life blood squeezed from their existence. This is headed for the great downward spiral. As you cut jobs you reduce revenue in the form of taxes. The Eurozone may be patting itself on the back but they have failed to address the true problem. That would be a loss of income from taxes. They have cut and cheated their way to their own demise then have the gaul to laid blame on people who had nothing to do with the problem in the first place.
But alas the cuts will continue and people will suffer and it's always those at the bottom because after all who's easier to beat up? It's surely not the guy with body guards riding in the limo. We're already witnessing the beginnings of things to come. Open up the doors to the mental hospitals and lighten the case load. Lay off more police and firefighters and watch buildings burn and crime go unreported. Kick the poor off of Medicaid because, you know, they can barter for their health care. And when they show up at the emergency room turn them away because they use it too much.
Exactly how cruel has this world become? Where is the respect we were taught for our elders and the poor? And all of this while those at the top continue to suck the last drop of debt the very marrow of the bones of this country out of the very least that can afford it. They will cut and cut and cut until there will be nothing left but the parched white bones drying in the desert. And they won't even hang around to witness the demise. With a corporate jet to some far off private island they'll flee leaving the graveyard that they made behind.

And you thought there were scary things at Halloween. Jason doesn't have anything on these guys.


Randal Graves said...

The world's always been cruel, now it's merely easier to be cruel thanks to technology. You ain't takin' me alive, Skynet!

S.W. Anderson said...

"They have cut and cheated their way to their own demise then have the gaul to laid blame on people who had nothing to do with the problem . . ."

I understand why you say that, and to a considerable extent it's correct. But not completely.

In too many cases, people with a champagne taste for services but a willingness to pay only Kool-Aid taxes, set themselves up for trouble. Like here in the U.S., where some know-nothing tea partier said to keep big government's hands off of her Medicare.

Medical insurance is one big reason why the financial industry is so rich and powerful. Why it has so much money to throw at elections and lobbying. But look at how the uninformed, the misinformed and paranoid personalities reacted to very limited, modest health care reform. We could take the financial industry out of the equation by going to a universal single-payer system. Yet as strong and obvious as the need is, huge numbers of people are easily spooked by nonsense like the death panels lies.

Yes, it's the greedy banksters and corporations. Yes, it's crackpot and crooked pols. But the people have played and continue to play their part too.