Monday, October 17, 2011

A strange dream and other machinations

Had one of those strange dreams the other night. I'll tell you about it but let me put you in the drivers' seat and tell me what you think.
You were driving down a 4 lane highway on a long journey. The road is fresh blacktop and the trip is going well. As time passes the road begins to narrow. What was once a smooth trip with plenty of room for all drivers now is congested and the four lane is now down to two one ways with a steep median in the middle. Suddenly you notice that the once nice road surface has turned from smooth black top to gravel and looking up ahead it looks as if it will turn to a dirt road. You decide to turn around but the only way is to try and find some exit. With none to be found you look to the median for any turn around. With a large line of cars behind you you manage to find a dirt path up the steep median but as you get to the crest to look down at the other direction you see that there is no road going back.

What we are witnessing today on the streets is the result of poor planing, bad management and a pervasive corruption that has taken hold in the corridors of our government. Never in my life time have I seen well educated highly experienced people cast out of their jobs as if they were yesterdays' garbage. People with 20, 30, and yes even 40 years of experience now stand at the unemployment line many with little hope of ever returning to the workforce. They played by the rules, did and gave all that they could yet somehow are now called lazy or bums or worse. This is not the only insult to injury that's about to transpire. With the failure of the passage of the jobs bill and the upcoming budget debate (you remember the budget that can they kicked down the road) state budgets are facing a similar fate if not worse. With each slice the hole in our safety nets grows larger. To those arrogant enough to think that it will not affect them are fooling themselves. Money can only grow when there are real assets and value some where in the mix. You can only sell a worthless promise for so long until someone decides to cash in theirs. At that point the house of cards falls. One must remember that the game didn't change after the last meltdown. The problems were not addressed. The fake solutions were nothing more than a smoke screen so that the game could continue, but we're now seeing the beginnings of the next collapse. Glossing over the problem with more printed money is not going to solve things. Yes it may look rosy for a while but it's more like covering cancer with acne cream. It doesn't fix the problem. Nor does cutting the revenue stream by lowering taxes. What's needed is a tax increase with the money used to fix our crumbling infrastructure. If we continue on our present path then those in our nations' capital just may be fearful of venturing outside of D.C. Not that they would have to fear a constituent but fear the results of their own making such as a bridge collapse. Karma is a hellish thing.

What machinations are unfolding before our very eyes today on the streets? This is no evil revolt to take over the world. This is an outcry against injustice. Of seeing laws, rules and our sense of basic fairness thrown out the window. When some laws are enforced while others are ignored it gets to the very heart of peoples' souls. You will note that no demands list has been presented to our leaders and may wonder why. That's a simple question to answer. What good would it do? When both political parties must answer to their corporate masters it's obvious they will only respond with a "lip service" form letter or email. What many people on the streets protesting don't realize is that they have the power but it doesn't come from working with a broken government. It will come from within them. It will come by changing the financial landscape and moving what little money they have from those corporate overlords. When a child won't share his toys what do we do? We take his toys away and give him time to change his ways. Remember we paid for his toys.

The clock is ticking. If no agreement on the federal budget is reached soon then the super duper committee will try and work things out but should it fail then there's a stipulation that a 10% across the board cut comes into play. Let's see how those in congress play chicken with that one.


Randal Graves said...

Like some untrained hack making 7 bucks an hour can't do your job, slacker bum. Go back to your drum circle.

BBC said...

None of this is any surprise to me. The rich and politicians have simply brainwashed everyone into being peaceful so they can get away with a lot of things.

Back in the good old days when folks got good and pissed they started killing the rich and leaders to bring about a better social order.

Sorry, but that is how it works on this planet, history has proved that many times.

I'm not worried, I'll get by for the few more years I have here, but if the youth don't take to arms they are screwed.

Demeur said...

And if things continue as they are you'll see a closed sign on that library you call home. Sorry no bail out for you because you aren't pulling in billions for the shareholders. So come join us on the drum circle before it's too late.

Best way to get back at the rich is to make them poor.

S.W. Anderson said...

An unregulated or under-regulated capitalist economy is a lot like a poorly monitored and badly operated nuclear reactor. A wrong move or two, a little bad luck, and it can get out of control and do a lot of harm to a lot of people in a hurry.

We're in a mess, it's true, and we have a right to blame the greedy SOB's who went out of control, costing the rest of us so much loss and grief in so many ways.

Just remember, those greedy SOB's gained the ability to do what they did without oversight or interference thanks to some voters' inattention and others' bad decisions made over decades. What started out supposedly as morning in America has become a nightmare.

The folks out demonstrating are at least awake and protesting. If they can help awaken enough others and work their way around to demanding and getting the reforms we need, there's a chance what's wrong can be straightened out to everyone's ultimate benefit.

If not, it might be time to look around for another country to call home.

BBC said...

I like the smell of spent gun powder in the morning.