Monday, October 31, 2011

The news you can't use and couldn't care less about

Ever notice how when you click on your favorite news site up pops the drivel of the day. I realize that every day is not filled with informative eye popping headlines but sometimes the latest jaunt to the Google Wiki Yahoo News results in a real time waste. Did I know or do I care that there are 8 ways to cook asparagus? And no I really could care less about how to get rid of dark circles under my eyes except that maybe I need more sleep. More like did I bother to comb my hair before going out the door because you always get one of these feathers sticking up in the back that you didn't notice when you were shaving because your focus was on that tough chin area and not the back of your head?
Save me from the latest cat fight from tinsel town because I have no interest in who wore what dress to what function that landed up the latest diss headline in some gossip rag. Let me ignore the latest political gaff spewed from the mouths of political whores who'd say anything to get just a couple of points ahead in the polls. All as in better to get some attention than no attention at all. It'll do wonders for the tell all book sales later when the career in politics gets dashed on the rocks of reality. God I'm starting to sound like Ron James here eh?
Anymore the news is getting more like prospecting where you have to pan through worthless sand to get to something important. How did we get to this point? Hasn't our culture gone global? But lest we forget our outstanding educational system that cranks out the less than well informed that think a completed assignment only needs two of the five Ws because they can only think in 140 characters. Abbreviations may be fine for a quarterback calling plays in a noisy stadium but if this trend continues imagine what such text talk would do if it was used by world leaders. I'd give an example but my abilities in that language are like omg not great.
And I have no idea where this post is going so I'll let you carry on and keep on panning for the gold. And should you find anything of real interest send it my way and by all means use more than 140 characters because there's room and I think my attention span can handle it.


The Blog Fodder said...

Your problem is easily solved. Avoid American (and Canadian) news sites. BBC Global News covers the world and The Economist gives it to you in depth. Al Jazeera is pretty good too. Russian English News is akin to Fox when it comes to fair and unbiased.

S.W. Anderson said...

Point well taken. My gag reflex is often challenged, too. But take heart because there's still some solid, hard-news stuff out there. You might have to look a little harder and in some unfamiliar places, but it's there. Try the Reuters, AFP and AP's own sites.

an average patriot said...

You have to go elsewhere to look for important news because these idiots concentrate on the drivel that appeases a violent degrading society. Go on my page and on the right you will see some news sources. Headline grabbers is a group of a dozen or so very informative sources.

Roger Owen Green said...

well, of course you are right - sigh.

BBC said...

A Russian man got caught driving naked, they must be a lot like Americans.

Who in the hell is Ron Jame?

This breaking news just in: Billy enjoyed halloween.

BBC said...

Um, I like to read about cooking stuff, lots of folks think deer is tough cuz they cook it too long.

Demeur said...

Even BBC has taken on an American slant Fodder with the latest gossip from Hollywood.

AP and all has become a funnel for wannabe reporters who actually made it through a high school English class in my opinion SW.

Headline grabbers. I forgot about that one. But much of the news I get from your blogs or the ones overseas. Interesting to get a real pulse of the people.

Billy what do you care about what's going on in the world? Now get back to camping and oogling boobs.

BBC said...

What's wrong with oogling boobs?