Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is it Wednesday already?

Okay I'm writing this on Tuesday but by the time I get finished it'll be Wednesday. How time flies when helping to direct a revolution. Great kids but they haven't quite figured out the soft underbelly of corporate America and where to shove the knife figuratively speaking that is.
You may have seen the blurbs on all of the TV channels of the tents and the signs and chants , but the real news isn't on TV it's right here in cyberspace. Quietly getting organized with tweets and Facebook entries and numerous videos. They may be slow on the upswing but it's coming together in a very unique fashion. Never have I witnessed democracy in action like this. At present the focus is on establishing a functioning structure and support organization. No easy task in the best of times. Resources are limited but the ingenuity of this bunch is impressive. And why shouldn't it? It has the backing of an army of well educated experienced individuals who had the misfortune of loosing their jobs to cheaper overseas employees. So don't shrug off this crowd just yet. This is only the beginning and what you see on the street is but the tip of the iceberg. If the politicians aren't shaking in their boots in DC they should be. This will be a force to be reckoned with shortly.
Why you may ask have no demands been made? Simply for two reasons, first it's taken quit a while for the group to gel. Unlike our broken government everyone has a say about the decisions presented. That may slow the process down but it makes for a strong position once something is passed. And second the diversity of the group is amazing. Young, old,middle aged, black, white, hispanic, foreign born, gay, straight this is an all inclusive movement that has one primary focus. What's that? To get rid of the things that divide us and focus on the real problems we face. Like Red Green would say "We're all in this together".
I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't see some very large companies crumble and fold in the very near future as the result of the outcome of the occupy wall street movement and it won't be with pitchforks or torches either, What better way to beat an opponent than by using the same corrupted system that he created.
No 'the man' crapped on the wrong people this time around. They are mad as hell and they aren't going to take it anymore. Any out of work lawyers out there? The group is always looking for fresh talent. You know where to go. Doesn't pay much just maybe your future.

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