Thursday, March 22, 2012

And now for something completely different - Snark

A word coined by Lewis Carroll many years ago only meant for a one time use (ya nonce) it caught on and remains. Snark snarky snarkist, butcher it anyway you like such creatures are fair game these days. Snarken snarka or as the North Frisians say snarke. Sneering snidely sarcastic sanctimonious sayings slashed through simple semantics see. A Godzilla meets Bambi moment. Need to practice my onomona the verbiage doth rust methinks. So much cannon fodder from headline news it almost writes itself.
♬ Get back snarky cat ♬
Fear not no mind altering or powerful of ports here. Just brushing up on some dusty skills of yesteryear. Far more than 16 tons neatly shoveled and bagged for proper disposal. Can only be glad that this wasn't done in long hand or ribboned Underwood of yore lest this never get done with gnarled arthritic digits. Oh chortle chortle I made a funny you thought bagged poop didn't you?
♬ Everybody's doing it doing it doing it ♬
Find your sacred tower and blow it up with your rapier whit. Nobody's stopping you everybody does it. It's the thing to do. Rip a politician. Accost an actress. Punch a poet. They're all fair game. No one escapes the Spanish Inquisition Mr. Python. What do you mean the parrot's dead? He's only pining for the fiords. Watch out for the spam. I don't like spam.
♬ Amazing Grace how ♬
Did somebody die? Okay we wait a week then belittle him in the most unflattering terms. What will the children say? Save the children unless they come with dirty laundry we can use against them. Mom are those your kids? Sure look a lot like the postal carrier to me. Just don't forget to shoot the messenger that corporate owned liiiiberal media.

And that ladies and germs is my à l'intérieur blague for the day.


BBC said...

Yes, practice old skills. Time for some target practice. ♬♬♬

Randal Graves said...

I had no idea you were so Hawaii-phobic.
SCARED TO DIE at least until I get my hands on a phylactery.

Demeur said...

Whatcha huntin Billy wabbit?

Necrophobic? No just not that into "death metal". Okay okay stick your head in the blender we'll have the next hit album.

BBC said...

Not many wabbits over here, fair amount of bambie's though.

Actually I don't hunt nuttin, just want to be ready for a good firefight if I stumble into one.

S.W. Anderson said...

That was different, all right. (Snark, snark.) :)

Randal, would that be an amateur or pro phylactery?

The Blog Fodder said...

SW Anderson, I am blocked out of your site again. Did I say something to offend you?