Thursday, March 1, 2012

News from around the globe

Syria - Had thought the Syrian army was finished with the city of Homs it is after all in ruins. How wrong I'd be as a second attack was set to occur. The president has called for more bloodshed by having an estimated 17,000 troops sent to surround the city. All of the tanks and equipment reached the town early this morning and were poised to finish the city off. Exactly how much resolve the locals have is a big question. There's no water, no electricity and food is running out. No medical supplies have reached that area unless someone has managed to smuggle them in undetected. Reports did come in that arms managed to make it to the FSA - Free Syrian Army.

Andrew Breitbart is dead. This radical right wing smear monger was nothing but a hateful piece of work who with some selective editing of videos got innocent people fired. May he rot in hell. Satin move over your replacement is on the way. Only good thing to come of this is that he didn't live very long, dead at just 43.

Yet more stupid raises it's ugly head. A ship off the coast of Kenya drops anchor cutting internet to a half dozen african nations. There's somebody who doesn't know how to park a boat. The ship not identified in reports dropped anchor in a restricted area of under sea cables cutting access to much of east africa. Repairs are said to take six weeks.

Don't google it anymore - Not until they give us an opt out option. Seems they'll be tracking your every move so they can target ads. Looking at how they've progressed over the years, this is a bad thing. I was looking for an answer to a question not wanting to be sold a product ya blockheads.

Greece is looking slippery these days (okay okay bad pun) but with their current weather conditions and some technical problems, wasn't able to hear from them yesterday. But it's obvious that life goes on for them. Wonder if they'll make the mortgage this month?

Speaking of technical problems and the internet, I'm waiting for the arrival of my third replacement router. Always need a replacement with software and hardware advancements. But is newer always better? The current little black box cuts out more times than the commercials of my favorite programs. I could just drive down and pick one up but why waste the gas if you don't have to. Have you seen the price of gas? Damn speculators!


Tom Harper said...

Yes, Greece is looking slippery, but Turkey is looking mighty tasty.

Demeur said...

Somehow I knew somebody would say that Tom.

BBC said...

But things are going swell in Fremont, yes?

Ah, gas, I'm declaring war on big oil, fuck them.

Demeur said...

Whatcha gonna do Billy run your truck on beans?

S.W. Anderson said...

Like I said, the Syrian rebels would be wise to wave the white flag, lay low for awhile and then regroup with an underground resistance. At least until they gain enough strength to finish what they start.

Re: Google. I don't worry about it.If you want privacy go to a nudist resort. You will get more there than you'll ever get on the Internets.

Randal Graves said...

I'm so Hungary.

The Blog Fodder said...

If Russia attacked Turkey from the rear, would Greece help?

Anonymous said...

Too damn funny Blog Fodder.