Friday, March 23, 2012

Beaver Friday Canadian style

Thought I was slipping when I went looking for beavers for the Friday post. Usually the first thing that comes up on a google search is one of my past images of the fury creature however I soon recalled that I left out the Friday part of it and felt smug in seeing tons of my past beavers on page one. Amazing that out of the billions of net users you can still be number one at anything.
Hey it may be off color and creepy but it worked. And you don't need to experience a head injury in the process.

This is the Canadian beaver. And just how can you tell it from it's southern cousin one might ask? Thought everyone knew that Canadian beavers apologized after damming a creek that flooded your property. How very considerate of them. (wha wha whaa)

And speaking of beavers looks like the first lady of Syria won't be doing any shopping at Harods any time soon. The EU has frozen her bank accounts. Not, I'm sure, that she couldn't just pay with cash or a Swiss credit card. Asma (sounds like one of those Japanese car models) will be able to travel to the UK as she has British citizenship but won't be withdrawing any cash from any banks there. But considering the situation over there it would be hard to travel anywhere. Who wants an army battalion escort when you go out to shop?

Bank fails later.
We have two this week one in Georgia and another in Illinois. I think we're up over 400 now if I'm not mistaken.


The Blog Fodder said...

Made me smile

BBC said...

You put beaver in the subject line a lot so that is why you get hits like that. That's why my subject lines often have words like fucking, sex, tits, cocks, etc. Folks all around the world gets to links to those posts when using search engines.

S.W. Anderson said...

My heart goes out to Syria's first lady — not.

Randal Graves said...

You sunk my battleship.