Friday, March 2, 2012

Beaver Friday almost

Ladies and gentlemen I'm here to announce that we'll not be coming out just yet. The weather has been a bit snowy of late so we decided to remain at the lodge for a few more weeks. We beavers appreciate your understanding in this matter. In the mean time we hope you'll enjoy the rest of this post.

And in the news starting from casa demeur we have the customer no service run around with the phone company. As I won't name names (formerly Verizon) the sheer excruciating torture of having to call several times and land up in automated purgatory which is double hell if you don't have a speaker phone took up much of the day. The router to the multiple set up was either on it's last legs or decided to go to war with the microwave oven. Anytime coffee was heated the signal dropped out completely. It was then a matter of unplugging the modem for a minute and wait a few more for a restored signal. A new wireless router was ordered and as promised arrived as promised, however, upon inspection turns out to be the very same model and not the updated version. Back to telephone hell. Ah but there's a few flies in the ointment down at telecom central. There's the billing department and the tech department and never the twain do meet or know what the other is doing for that matter. Okay we give the new arrival a try until the next incarnation shows up sometime in a week or two. Call tech and get the thing running in about 1/2 hour. Fine and dandy, well while I'm on the line can I order the newer modem that I wanted in the first place? Of course not. Tech help has nothing to do with that part of the business so you'll have to call back and talk to billing. Self emulate extinguish and repeat.

In other local news watched the aftermath of a four car pile up on a nearby road. No injuries but I'd bet the damage with today's tinfoil cars was in the thousands. I can just imagine what they'll be like when the mandatory 50 mpg requirements kick in. We'll have to resort to japanese origami and rice paper to achieve that. Mr. Crum and his bike shop will be in fat city then. (see Lost in the Bozone blog link at right ).

In national news what can I say. Insanity is rampant. They sure want to put limits on a woman's uterus. I have an idea for that. Let's make all politicians have a brain scan, a psych evaluation and for good measure let them all take the same test immigrants have to take to get citizenship. I'd bet none of them could pass it. You think Jaywalking on Jay Leno is funny you haven't seen anything. Sorry senator you left out a couple of the amendments of the constitution and no we don't live by the Code of Hammourabi.


BBC said...

When I get an automated system I just randomly start punching buttons, pretty soon there is a monkey on the line to help me.

My modem is rented and has worked fine for three or four years, I don't bother with wireless stuff. My ISP has an office here so if I had a problem I'd just to talk to those monkeys.

The weather here is better than I expect it to be.

Randal Graves said...

Press 1 for brain scan.
Press 9 for RFID implant.
Press # for suicide booth schedule.
Press * to order pizza.

The Blog Fodder said...

There is a video on YouTube of a contrived collision between a 1959 car and a (2009??) car. The 2009 comes out the winner by a long long way. The "people" in the 59 Chevy are not only SOL, they are DOA.

Demeur said...

Billy they figured out that little trick over here. Try that here and you get an automatic disconnect.

Press # 0 to talk to one of our hot babes $.99 minute

Fodder I'd still rather have my 74 Nova that survived two head on crashes (neither my fault) with only minor damage. These days with no bumpers a 5 mph crash will cost you big time.

Anonymous said...

All I know is MY crumple zone ain't what it use to be.