Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bye bye Rush and other news you can't use

It appears the rotund former oxycodone addict is losing his shine with fellow conservatives along with his advertisers. Notice how I'm careful not to use anything that might have the faintest tinge of slander unlike the soon to be former talk show host. With not a whole lot of options I see his future relegated to the far right lecture circuit and maybe an internet podcast or two.

Speaking of money seems Mrs. Mittens doesn't think that she is rich. If that's the case dear then you wouldn't mind dropping me a spare million your hubby has collecting dust in that Swiss bank account. I'm sure the other millions won't be too lonely.

Then we have Mr. Sweatervest, I'd call him the new American Talaban. Hang up the vest Ricky, Ossie Nelson died years ago and the 50s aren't coming back. And I'd bet Ricky and David both fooled around in the back of the 57 Chevy with their high school sweeties no matter what you might think. Maybe you're not old enough to remember a post coital Coke Cola wash. Any gals out there know if that actually worked? As I see it it either made for some sticky babies or one heck of a yeast infection.

And to the illustrious high ranking folk of our military who almost on que set about to try once again to scare us to death with the latest boogyman. So it's Syria and bio weapons that we should be worried about is it? Last I checked Mr. Assad is a bit busy killing his own populace to be worried about inflicting his wrath on the rest of the world. But you know facing budget cuts our military top brass has to do something to keep the bullet factories going.

This being "Super Tuesday" I can't forget the two trailing candidates Newt and Ron. Just what they have left in their bag of trick to amuse the masses is anyones' guess. Is there anyone left they haven't insulted on their magical election tour? Blacks? check, Hispanics? check, immigrants? check, the elderly? check, the unemployed? check, the poor? check, disabled? check, women? check, homosexuals? check, anybody left on the list? Not one word about the people who caused the mess in the first place because it's always easier to blame the victim or even the messenger whichever is handy at the time.


The Blog Fodder said...

Be nice if Rush got the bum's rush but it won't hurt him any. As you say, the rubber chicken circuit and a book or two.

BBC said...

Of course it's cheaper to buy gun powder than to make it, or at least a lot easier.

Hell, I have seven pounds of it, what do you want me to make you?

BBC said...

Rush already has all the money he needs for Viagra to whack off.

BBC said...

Fuse, that shit is expensive for something that burns up at a foot a minute.

S.W. Anderson said...

Limbaugh has to have a net worth of more than a billion by now, so he could waddle off into a splendid retirement somewhere where the cops can be bought and so can drugs and boy- and girl-toys. I doubt he will anytime soon, though. A news blurb yesterday said Clear Channel (which I'm sure compelled him to make his disingenuous apology) is satisfied with the apology and stands by their man.

Limbaugh is a bully. He likes the power. Maybe another incident or two like this one, losing standing, ratings and sponsors each time, and Clear Channel might show him the door. Meanwhile he's got a dream contract that runs through (I think) 2016. As much as I'd like to see him gone, I wouldn't bet on it.

Tom Harper said...

It's definitely too early to sign Rush Limbaugh's death warrant. His ratings were never as high as everyone said they were. 20 million listeners is the standard answer, and it's nowhere near that high. Ratings people have admitted they just made up the number because it sounded good.

It's kind of like Payola all over again. Clear Channel and other Limbaugh promoters want to have Rush parroting their corporate talking points 24/7. They don't care how much money he brings in; they'd probably pay to have him on the air. They just want everyone to think he has 20 million listeners, so his blatherings will have more influence than they're worth.

Randal Graves said...

If only people were s-m-r-t and didn't waste time listening to talking hairpieces and politicobots. Oh well, it's 5 o'clock in Kazakhstan.