Tuesday, March 13, 2012

News you can't use and could probably care less about

British women sue after crucifix necklaces cost them their jobs
Should have read the company dress code before signing maybe

Missing NJ toddler found dead in septic tank
Always the last place you look. Wonder how he got the cover off?

JonBenet Ramsey's father regrets pageants, hits TV show
Now it dawns on you not to dress your daughter like an 8 year old hooker.

Study: Contamination of California drinking water spreading
About what you'd expect in concentrated farm country. As I recall one cattle ranch you can smell for miles before you get there.

Treatment may have finally stopped world's tallest man from…
He should have started smoking sooner

Rebekah Brooks arrested in News International phone-tapping sweep
That'll teach you to keep your mouth shut.

Red meat can be unhealthy, study suggests
Yeah when you stuff your pie hole with a couple of ultimate burgers every day. What'd ya expect?

Youth basketball coach allegedly bites off other coach's ear
Ears are a highly treasured delicacy in sports. Holyfields must have been tastey.

Spaceflight bad for astronauts' vision, study suggests
So I guess they can only do it until they need glasses

The lead off story in the web of Duh was...
Massacre suspect from troubled U.S. base
Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state has a bloody history at home and overseas.
Hum? And what exactly do they do at a military base? They sure don't teach knitting.

To lazy to blog. Thought this would be easier. I need a power nap. Maybe later.


BBC said...

Is dog red meat?

S.W. Anderson said...

High school and college football players, Marine basic trainees and Navy SEALs can get away with eating a couple of half-pound double-cheese, double-patty burgers a day. When they go on to other things and get to be thirty-somethings, it's another matter. If they keep it up into their forties, quite a few of them won't make it to their sixties. Age and how much strenuous exercise a person does matters big time in how much meat is safe to eat. Especially how much red meat.

"And what exactly do they do at a military base? They sure don't teach knitting."

They sure don't teach cold-blooded murder of civilians, or any violence against noncombatants.

Since you're evidently not familiar with military bases, God help anyone caught pulling a knife or gun on someone on one of them. Carry a concealed weapon and get caught with it, you're chipped beef on toast the next morning — or wish you could be. No civilian community in the country regulates weapons as rigorously as the typical military base does. Punishment for misuse of a weapon is usually swift and severe.

Violence without weapons isn't tolerated either. A troop who gets into a fight on a military base is many times more likely to suffer serious consequences than a civilian who does the same thing in a nearby community. If one troop busts up another so the victim can't work, the one who did the busting can end up having to pay for medical care and for the victim's lost duty days, along with getting busted down to nothing and spending lots of time in the stockade, or getting a dishonorable discharge and federal prison sentence.

The guy who did that killing in Afghanistan lost his mind. He committed an unspeakable crime. He's not typical of our soldiers, any more than Jared Loughner is a typical citizen.

Demeur said...

Unfortunately our vetting process for the U.S. military isn't all it's cracked up to be. In this area alone we've had soldiers: Chop up their estranged wives, rob banks, hold hostages and a host of other morbid acts. And with troops doing 5 and 6 tours in a war zone I expect we'll see more of this here when the wars are finished.

BBC said...

Troops have always gone nuts and done terrible things, we just have better media now so hear about it more often.

Fights in on base bars when I was in the Navy was common, but was broke up fast.

The Blog Fodder said...

It is common for Russian Orthodox women (and men) to wear a small crucifix or something similar around their neck from baptism onwards. Tanya wears a small silver Madonna and child icon. Mostly you never see these necklaces, they are worn under not over. I'd sure too if that caused problems.