Wednesday, March 28, 2012

news you can't use and could probably care less about

What's a guy got to do to get some attention around here?
(Okay I know tres sick) This is a Tibetan exile protesting in India when Chinese leader Jin Tao was scheduled to visit. But in todays' uncaring world will it get much attention?

Speaking of which Bashar Assad leader of Syria had just signed an agreement with UN secretary Kofi Anan to bring an end to the fighting in the country. And what did he do after that you might ask? He set about to destroy Homs sending in his troops, 50 tanks and local supporters to try and finish off the town that has been bombed for the last several weeks.

Report: Hundreds of abused Afghan women jailed for 'moral crimes'
Nothing like punishing the victim. They sure have some strange customs over there.

Airline fun and mayhem
Forget the unruly passengers anymore watch out for the pilots. A three martini lunch was bad enough now one wonders which asylum they're getting these recruits. Think I'll take the train.

No winner in the Mega millions jackpot
Curses! there goes my retirement plan. And I had such great plans involving clowns prostitutes and rope.

Japans' nuclear reactor at Fukushima worse than first thought
Well Duh! Reported that the best of the worst is at 10 times the lethal level of radiation. If you thought Hanford nuclear reservation was going to be a difficult clean up you haven't seen anything. It's taken nearly 20 years to try and begin the solution to Hanford and it will take decades more to even contain this newest one. So let me see. We have Hanford, Three Mile Island, Chernoybl, and now Fukushima. (not to mention the lesser accidents that didn't make headline news and oh yes there were a few) You think we'll ever learn?

Madonna doing her MDNA tour
The old lady is now in her 50s. Sorry babe even a rose wilts after a certain time. What author said "you can't go home again"? Pick a period and there's at least one blonde bomb shell in the mix and they've run out of shock value too. I'll leave what they come up with next to your own imagination.

Supreme Court deciding health care act
Let me see. You have a group of highly educated well paid judges who are already covered by a plan that we the taxpayers pay for deciding if the rest of us will be able to afford even the basics. And even if they were not covered they could well afford a plan out of pocket. So what's it going to be "I got mine the hell with you"? Or will they be nice and let us peons have a few scraps?
I know I promised another post on the issue but I've only made it about a third of the way through the bill. No easy task to shake up a system that's been in place for so long. The something for nothing crowd fails to realize that the system has reached critical mass. Much like the housing and financial bubbles, health care will break any year now. Not a matter of if but when. Costs have risen over 30% in just the last three years. If this bill is defeated more will be without coverage just adding to the bubble. There is no free lunch but if we spread the risks the costs will come down to where we could all be covered.


Tom Harper said...

Ah, flame-broiled Tibetan is on the menu today. (I guess "tres sick" is contagious.)

BBC said...

Hey, that asshole was polluting, can't idiots use a cleaner burning white gas?

Randal Graves said...

Who says we can't use it? I use it to prove how fucked up folks be.