Saturday, March 10, 2012

Primary madness

I was going to do a post about the voter turn out of the republican primaries after the Super Dooper Tuesday scramble for delegates. But in trying to research the matter I found it impossible to get even scraps of info about the number of registered republicans in any given state much less total registered voters. But given the percentages from the first several primaries it would be easy to assume that not a lot of folks showed up. As blue as my state is I know that there are a few more than 50,000 republicans that actually showed up for the Saturday caucus. I know this to be true because our own governor won her first term by a mere 136 votes over her republican opponent. So I'll save any future analysis for the major races like NY or California. I did discover that (and don't quote me on it) Maine came in with the worst turn out so far (no exact figures though) with a paltry 1.1% turn out. Is it me then or has this clown bus become truly odoriferous as it set about the country? Has this like a game of pick up football come down to the last picks that nobody really wants but must choose from? You know the ones. Come on pick one. Who's it going to be, Skinny, Stinky or Tubby?

And then there's the platforms the candidates are trying to run on. Well not exactly some firm ideas that you could hang your hat on but some vague concepts akin to Mom, apple pie and the "real" American way of life whatever that is. Sorry guys the 1950s are long gone. The republican party is stuck with the mess they made and now can't tout solutions that everybody knows will not work. Lowering taxes for the top 1% doesn't create more jobs as we saw with Bush. Eliminating regulations only causes corporations to make a bigger mess of our system. So what's left for them to run with? God guns and gays is not going to get them in the white house this time. Yet they hold on to those concepts because it's all they have left. They go on about not wanting government in their religion but fail to see that nobody wants religion in their government. And I see no shortage of guns on the street since Obama took office. In fact maybe too many getting into the hands of those less responsible. As for gays the states seem to have opposing views than what they are preaching.

Little is being said about the economy. It isn't in great shape but I must give Obama credit for being able to get anything passed this stalemated congress. When their number one goal is to remove him from office it appears that they'll do nothing short of wrecking the economy to do it. Isn't that what the terrorists are trying to do? Wreck our country.

Okay I'll be crude for just a sec and post a photo, but be forewarned you may find it offensive. And hey don't try and sue me I put the discalimer out there and this is not in sincerity but a joke.


BBC said...

Speaking of races, there's a Nascar race tomorrow.

BBC said...

On NW coast, potential for waves up to 100 feet now seems possible.

Way cool, I may have waterfront property someday.

Granny Ook said...


Your cartoon is fine- it's the republicans who are offensive.

Randal Graves said...

I'm offended by people who are offended unless it's for something really offensive like an election.

Demeur said...

Or you could land up in the sound if we get the big quake Billy.

Granny you're somebody who can spot a true scoundrel.

Oh Randal it's not begun to be offensive wait till the fall when they pull out all the offensive stops. I see a "librarians are terrorists" campaign in the future.