Friday, March 30, 2012

A Friday extra - no no extra charge just a rant

How I'd really like to bitch slap some young nerd turd who just has to keep messing things up. Just when you get your preferences to that nice and comfy state they just have to come along and pee in your coffee. You know what I'm talking about. Things worked just fine until they had to step in. It worked just fine until they get their grubby paws on the process. So what was once something streamlined and fast turns into an excruciating experience. They think they're doing us a favor and giving added "functionality" to the experience. Far from it Ram head! Let's change things to an ugly font and make sure it's in microscopic size so that only a old watchmaker with high powered loop can read.

Well sparky whatcha gonna do when your customers leave ya in droves because they can't use your product? Didn't think about that when you got that bright idea at 3 am to torture the masses. Sounded so great at the time didn't it? No Bunkey I don't want to try your new and improved updated version because it isn't any better than the last. It's worse. It always makes things more difficult and usually has some bug you haven't quite worked out that will need an update or security fix down the road.

Word verify. Now there's a real waste of time and the most aggravating concept on the planet. What do you get maybe one or two chinese spammers a month posting their latest cure for ED. Don't be lazy hit the trash can button and they will soon disappear. But just try and send some tech head your two cents worth on their latest monkey wrench that they just hit you with and just try and guess the new and improved word verify. Must be the nerds' defense system. "We have no complaints from the customers boss!" (mainly because they can't get to you to verbally wring your neck).

Keep it simple stupid because I don't have the rest of my life trying to learn another software program. I got along quite nicely before you stepped in and screwed things up. Is it a d or a c l? Hell I don't know and I don't have all day to try and figure it out. Then there's what I call the Chinese fire drill torture. That's were when trying to find out a simple answer to a simple question you are taken through the maze of links that somehow magically revert themselves back to each other so the user is left going in circles. If answer A is wrong please see answer B. Answer B.= Please see answer A. You know the routine we've all been there.

Oh you'll get yours nerds. Some day you'll not be able to read the fine mouse print and become as frustrated with the rest of us when the requirement to access a program requires some new puzzle or gimmick. And I'm sure they'll make the keyboards smaller just about the time your arthritis kicks in because it'll save the company a bunch of dough. And the brianiacs that come after you will be your nemesis. But I can laugh now knowing that I'll be long gone.


Ole Phat Stu said...

I'm old, that's why my blog uses a larger typeface than yours does.

The Blog Fodder said...

Those fancy word verify drive me nuts, too. I CANNOT read them half the time and need three tries before they send me an easy one. I do wish there was some way of reaching the companies with comments. Their new and improved versions are not, as you say. My new and improved blogger dash board has me hunting for stuff. Nothing improved about it, just moved. And when I open blogs I follow from dashboard, each one USED to open on a new tab. No longer. One more click to get the same service as before.

BBC said...

It's not loop, it's loupe.

Anyway, geeks just can't leave well enough alone and for us to get used and comfortable with what we have and are using, the assholes.

I did discover that of the two words you only have to type the second word for verification to work, fuck typing two of them.

Demeur said...

I've been playing with the magnification and now it's all screwed up. Just can't get it back to it's original state.

Fodder that's why I'll never change the format of this blog or have that stupid word verify. They'll have to drag me kicking and screaming into their version of the 21st century.

Thanks for the tip Billy. And hey I never said I was great at speling. :-)

S.W. Anderson said...

I call it designer arrogance. Don't look now, but Microsoft is preparing a heaping helping of it in the impending Windows 8.

Re: word verification. In fairness, changes probably are in response to hackers designing bots that can get past simpler ones.

I'm normally not much for violence, but I could be up for some serious physical pain being inflicted on spammers. Especially on comment spammers and their bot designers.

BBC said...

The reason hackers exist is because we don't hunt them down and kill them.

Demeur said...

I tend to break Windoze so I don't do that system. Mac or Linix for me.

Send the hackers to the Arabs. I hear they like to cut fingers off.

Randal Graves said...


S.W. Anderson said...

Randal, is that anything like disassembly language? :)