Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Careful what you say it's being recorded

Some say Mitt Raw Money was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I say he was born with a silver foot in mouth.

The gaffes just keep coming. Anybody think of who he hasn't insulted other than some rich backers? I thought not. So all I can conclude is that the republicans have found their puppet. Pull a string and he moves his position in one direction. Pull another and he moves in the opposite direction. Problem is he has a few too many string pullers and they keep yanking him to the far right. And remember the game plan set by the Karl Roves which is to take your weaknesses and blame the other guy. So by that thinking he is the one who isn't paying taxes and getting corporate welfare to boot. The only reason for an offshore bank account is to evade taxes and you don't see anybody in the middle class with one of those now do you?

But it's interesting to note that the corner Raw Money has painted himself into is getting smaller and smaller. So other than a 1% and a bunch of uninformed voters who does he expect to win over with his latest remarks? He's also ignored the fact that people can now actually fact check his statements in real time. That pesky Youtube thingy just keeps a great record of what you said yesterday and the day before and the last few years for that matter. Don't try to tells us you didn't say something when we have the recording coming right from your lips. So it's us against them only the 47% he refers to would include people who are retired, those on disability who can't work and (get this) even himself since he won't release his tax returns. As for government handouts he'd better look in the mirror because Bain didn't become the company it did without millions in government money.

Now there's another little weasel running for governor here that I'll be blowing holes in his campaign ideas at a later time. In the mean time our wonderful congress is working on a bill to provide jobs for the veterans. By the looks of it it's not something to crow about either. Jobs include public lands restoration, cemetery caretakers, and firefighter or policeman. Let me see. They've cut back on national parks. Most cemeteries are already staffed by low wage folks and cities and towns are laying off police and firefighters. So there you have it. And we know what the republican party thinks of public workers.


Tom Harper said...

Update: Republicans have blocked the Veterans Jobs bill. What'd ya expect? How many veterans have made 7-figure contributions to their congresscritters?

BBC said...

If I ran for preznut I would insult every fucking one.