Saturday, September 22, 2012

He's not one of us

Mitt Romney He's not the guy you'd vote for for class president that's for sure. Looking at his background he's no stand out of his accomplishments either other than separating companies with their assets. He championed a new method of "vulture capitalism" that is part of todays' economic problem. And it seems his family is always on the wrong side of history. His father rose up through the Nash company that later became American motors. Dad snubbed his nose at the bigger cars of the big three auto makers. Question is, anybody remember a Rambler? Or how about an AMC Matador? I thought not. Only a vague memory now and I'd bet none of your friends owned one of those either.

Mitt seems to have been on the wrong side of just about everything. In college he tried to start a counter protest against the anti-war protests. This while his father George turned against Vietnam. In France he had little success in converting the wine drinking French to the tea totaling Morman religion. Even his early years at Bain proved less than successful. The company made no money the first several years until it moved into the area of "leveraged buyouts". Using the companies assets as collateral and borrowing against it much like a subprime loan this left a mountain of debt and a shell of a company in its' wake. All while lining Mitts' pockets. Not to mention displaced and angry workers with no pension. Workers who would now be considered part of the "us" on unemployment and paying no taxes.

His plan for the nation is just the same, yet in this scheme he'd have the power to write the laws making the unethical and immoral commonplace. All the while telling us that he's doing it to save our precious safety nets. Exactly how you save something by gutting it and using that money to enrich your own pocketbook should be obvious. It's the plan he's used all along to make himself and a handful of his partners very rich. He has this delusion that this country can be run like one of his hedge funds or one of his off shore accounts. That might work if he was running for king.

But we are considered by him to be pons is his corporate chess game. Just something that's expendable in his quest to capture the prize which in this case is more money for his corporate masters. He fails to see the big picture and all the little people who make the system work. And I'm almost sure that it's not even about the money but the game of gaining the wealth and power. It's the process that's become so alluring and not just the outcome or the trail of shattered lives he would leave behind that he'd ignore. That's a sickness by anyone's definition. So yes indeed he's not one of us.


S.W. Anderson said...

For all Romney's promoting himself as a business success, he has never started a business creating or selling a product or service. The business he has been hugely successful at is a form of vampirism that ought to be outlawed.

Just once I'd like to see Romney take over a failing retail store, restaurant, drycleaning shop, or such, and prove he could actually turn the business around and operate it indefinitely. I doubt he could do it, in large part because he's lousy with people who aren't fellow 1 percenters. I think he would have problems keeping good supervisors and workers, and worse problems keeping customers. Ignorance and arrogance isn't a winning combination, and businesses with that in the back office tend to show it out front.

BBC said...

Why don't you just watch a fucking football game, the outcome will be the same.

Randal Graves said...

No politician is one of us, save maybe the local alderman in a boonie village, population 752.

Demeur said...

Quite true SW. I don't think Romney would make a good dog catcher either.

I would watch football if that wasn't rigged too.

Sadly Randal even a local councilman can be bought and sold. Thought you knew that.

Anonymous said...

If it's not obvious that he is a PSYCHOPATH you have not been paying attention.

The entire loathsome family is beneath contempt.