Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday beaver and under the bus 2.0

As I posted earlier in the week our veterans had a bit of a run in with the wheelie bus from a bill voted down by our wonderful "We support our troops" republicans. On later review it was determined by our scabby scab proofreaders that the bill was actually being held up by who knows who. I guess it's how they roll these days. The little "No" girl from that credit card company ad has nothing on these guys. At any rate tucked into that jobs for vets bill was a cost of living increase for the survivors of the veterans who died in combat. So not only did the living soldiers get the BF Goodrich treatment but the widows and children of our fallen as well. Nice guys we have in congress now eh?

And here we have our Friday Beaver d' jour getting ready for winter. With our dry weather here I'll bet he's having problems building a dam.

Headline reads "Asian shares, commodities rise on relief over Spain". Hello people! You don't change things by rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Shuffling debt around will not solve the world's economic crisis. Spain was just hit with austerity. People are rioting in the street. That will not help to pay off debts. When you lay people off they can't pay taxes which is what pays the debt. When are these people going to learn?

Bank fails and parking lot index later.
UPDATE: One bank failed this week in IL. Parking lot index undetermined. Had to go out this morning on business so we'll catch it next week.
Beavers will be suspended too until spring so keep an eye out here for the Friday Pussies. 


BBC said...

Speaking of dry weather, Seattle has had three times more rain than we have had here this year, I'm loving it.

Not that it won't stop me from bitching about the rain when it comes again.

S.W. Anderson said...

I saw on the news this evening that it looks as though Senate Republicans are relenting on the Jobs for Vets bill. Amazing, what some really bad publicity a few weeks before an election can do to move Republicans to do the right thing.

That's as opposed to doing the right-wing thing, which is basically all they're good for.

Demeur said...

It may be a dry winter here too Billy but we'll see. We also had only a little rain on this side of the sound.

SW didn't see the latest so I'll have to catch up on things. The Mckenna ads or should I say anti Inslee ads are something else. The old guys bitching about Inslee raising taxes on business just aren't true. Obama gave small business 18 tax cuts and breaks.

Randal Graves said...