Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Revenge is a dish best served cold

This is The Beetles Complete with title track "I'm a loser" played on ukulele by Tommy Anonymous (how fitting) apropos to this post don't you think?

"To the moon Alice!" For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. Dog whistling to the ignorant hordes we have the "us" verses "them" once more. On the face of it this would look like nothing more than retaliation of an insult upon a religion. It wasn't that exactly but a small bunch of extremist groups, on both sides I might add, who seized an opportunity to make itself clear. The protests started in Egypt then hours later in Libya before the diplomat was murdered. The initial assumption was that this was in retaliation for the anti Mohammed film that had clips released to Youtube. However according to a Jihadist Facebook the attack was actually to avenge for the murder of Abu Yahia , the Libyan who was believed to be the second man in Al Qaeda on the occasion of 9/11. That eye for an eye tooth for a tooth thing may be a bit more plausible. It did take us many years to track down and kill Bin Ladin. And now the search is on for the perpetrators of this crime and the cycle of violence continues. The ancient expression holds true "when seeking revenge dig two graves".

Then on the lesser scale of revenge we have Anonymous that group of faceless unknowns that scours the world looking for and punishing injustice. Their latest attack on Go Daddy was a bit of a backfire in that it took down many sites on the web that I'm sure even their own use from time to time. People seem to forget exactly how interconnected things are today.

But the biggest faux pas today was the Romney response to something that hadn't already happened. This guy shot from the hip without taking aim and hit himself right in the foot. Anybody want this guy to answer the 3 AM phone call or have his finger anywhere near the button? I thought not. So Mr Raw Money will you defend me if I slam your Mormon religion? Again I think not. But by all means Mitt babble on. You're only doing the grave diggers job for him. About time you did some actual physical labor. Metaphorically speaking.


Randal Graves said...

The blame lies squarely on you, the viewer.

Ranch Chimp said...

If your referring to the band above, the band spelled their name "Beat"les (not Beet) ... but the islam thing over there, it has been all over the news, hadnt had a chance to read up on a thing, sick of hearing about it, and glad I dont live anywhere's over there ... no ... I havent seen the movie or video they are talking about either.

BBC said...

I'm just happy that it didn't rain today.

Antoniohupg said...

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