Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday beaver don't beam me up just yet Scotty

Interesting things the future holds. And with the net one finds some unexpected things while looking for one thing. How did I get here. Thought I turned right at Alpha Centauri. Some of the soon to be things coming to a store near you in the near future.

1. Nano computing. Rather than old copper wiring in the desk top or lap top carbon fiber lines will carry light waves creating the on and off binary code. Benefits are twofold. First it speeds up the process multiple times and second it makes for an entirely secure system. Any attempt to hack the system results in a breakdown of the message sent and no copying either or so I'm told.
2. Spray on photo voltaics. Forget having to mount some heavy glass panels to the roof. A simple paint job will do the trick. The system can also be used to make transparent windows that collect energy. And all of this accomplished without an expensive manufacturing process to boot.
3. Grow your own organs. Replacement organs grown from your own cells that can be used for transplant and eliminate rejection. They have now grown a hamster bladder in some of the beginning trials.
And at some point beyond that a medication or treatment that will permit the body to regrow it's own damaged parts.
4. CO2 recapture and reuse. Rather than look at carbon dioxide as some type of curse that's killing the planet capture it to make fuels. Bio fuels are being worked on and used for jet fuel in tests. The entire idea is to make the global warming gas part of a closed loop.
5. Autonomous warfare. Our military is spending a bunch of money trying to remove living souls from combat dangers. We've seen the drones of late attacking position a world away but that's only the start. They now have a vehicle called the Black Knight with its' 30 mm front turret gun and machine guns. All capable of being operated from a safe command center. Nothing like finding more efficient means to kill ourselves.

These are just a few of the goodies that can be expected in the near future. And when you stop to think about it technology is starting to leap frog over itself. We can barely get used to one development when that becomes yesterday's news.

Bank fails later
Parking lot index at: 8

UPDATE: One bank failed this week in MO.


Tom Harper said...

#3, Grow Your Own Organs: "Hey, those aren't potted plants in the back yard. Those are my kidneys!" "The gophers ate my liver."

BBC said...

We'll destroy ourselves before some things come about.

Demeur said...

Darn Tom you shouldn't have planted them next to the farva beans.

No Billy they're actually in the pipeline right now. Look no farther than the evolution of the music media. From 33s to MPEG players all in just the last few years. DVD players are just about obsolete.

Randal Graves said...

1. Didn't you see what happened when Wesley let those nanobots out? The Enterprise was almost destroyed.

3. I'm against this, because now how will I make a quick 50 large by selling one of my kidneys?

4. Sounds nice, and possibly plausible, but since I'm a pessimist, I'll believe it when I'm dead.

Demeur said...

But the Enterprise was magically delicious.

Cheer up there's always a third world market for spare parts.

With virtual space you'll never die, how do you like them apples? We have ways of making you immortal.