Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No boob for you and other news you can't use

Oh all right but don't say I didn't warn you first.

hat tip to Crap USA

I won't bother you with the graphic details of the latest royal gaffe. I consider it along with latest version of Janet Jackson Superbowl caper or the Brittany Spears crouch shot to be less than earth shaking.
A quick google search reveals 83 million hits for the Kate photos. A little over exposed there gal. But to his discredit the camera guy must have been a mile away to get those fuzzy shots. What do they say? Bad publicity is better than no publicity. And considering the royals do little to advance the human race then at least they can entertain us with their antics.

Far more important things to think about with people starving to death or on the business end of a drone strike. If you want novelty try the "As seen on TV store". But I forgot they closed that store in the mall. Now how will a get my replacement Sham-Wow? Fear not there's enough counterfeits going around for everybody and cheaper too. Not so ancient chinese secret if you know what I mean. How can we complain? We set up laws that shipped jobs overseas then complain when they flood our markets with slave produced products. That's vulture capitalism for you.

Nice to know that Raw Money thinks of the little people. Or little thinks of the people. Or thinks little of the people. That'd be us the other non 1% who actually make this country work. Okay so we're the 47 or 48% who aren't going to vote for him. Let's give him a little math lesson. He would have to get 94% of the remaining 53% of the voters left in order to win. That I believe is a mathematical impossibility especially considering he keeps putting his foot in mouth every time he speaks. Stick a fork in him he's done.

Our wonderful congress has just 7 more days to do nothing then they can go home for 7 weeks and do nothing. Damn where do I sign up for that gig? And this is only the "fall" break. Don't forget the winter, spring and summer breaks that last for weeks. Hey when you get a minute Mr./Mrs. congress person you want to actually do some work for us? Oh silly me we aren't their boss.

Okay okay it was a slow news day so sue me.


Tom Harper said...

You sound like one of these sense-of-entitlement "victims" that Romney was talking about. Mittens says to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and quit whining for government handouts. You know, a hand up not a hand out; a safety net, not a safety hammock, yada yada...

BBC said...

I didn't go look for the pictures of her, I simply don't give a shit.

S.W. Anderson said...

I think we'd have a better-adjusted society if females of all ages and description were to start going topless at beaches, pools and backyard sunning. There's a chance a whole lot eternal adolescents would get past the sniggering and staring stage, and maybe start to grow up. Bad news there for the paparazzi.

IMO, Kate isn't guilty of antics. Some hotshot with a long lens and shabby occupation invaded what should have been her privacy. The royals are out to sue the crap out of the photographer and publisher. I hope the royals win. BTW, the royals have a special reason to go after the paparazzi. One was pursuing Princess Diana when she was killed and undoubtedly bears at least part of the responsibility for her death.

I'm sure no paparazzo was responsible for your photo illustration for this post, Demeur. What were you thinking running it? Pee-ewww.

Randal Graves said...

You should receive at least a six month internets ban for this crime against baseball, mom, apple pie, fuzzy little bunnies, and Tim Berners-Lee.

Demeur said...

Tom I would but my bootstraps went to pay for a couple of wars.

Billy I only looked to find out how many copies were out on the web now.

SW people will put anything on the web now, paparazzi or not.

Randal I was thinking more of a Pulitzer.