Sunday, September 23, 2012

Veterans thrown under the bus

(I hope our guys in uniform would copy this image and use it as a bumper sticker or badge)

 You spend two, three, four, and even five tours of duty risking your life for your country. You did every that was asked of you and served honorably only to come home to no future. A parade here or there to honor what you did but little else. You fought and survived in Iraq and Afghanistan only to come home to fight another battle.

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Had to restart this post because Blogger once again threw it in the trash. Gee with friends like that who needs enemies? So I begin somewhat again and try to get a work around. The only reason I haven't thrown Google under a bus is that Wordpress doesn't work the way I'd like it either.

Our veterans unlike my profession doesn't have the luxury of calling a time out should things go awry.  They must rely on their comrades in arms to be on the look out for trouble and provide back up. No so with our dysfunctional congress. A bill meant to provide these warriors with a shot at a career after their many tours of duty was shot down last week. It was all neatly worked out ahead of time by both sides. Only to be voted down by the party that touts their 100% support from the decks of air craft carriers used as backdrops. So I have to wonder what motivating factor would have been neatly tucked into that piece of legislation that would turn it into a fart in a diving bell so quickly. Did someone somehow slip in an amendment that would give illegal immigrant women free abortions? We can only wonder. I'm not going to take the liberty to dig into the bill for a rationale. The damage has been done and there's nothing to be done until next year at this point.

But let us not forget that it is our veterans too whom Romney referred to in his little speech to his donors. If you're out of the military and you don't have a job then you too aren't paying taxes. Which would raise the question. Would Mitt eliminate veterans benefits altogether if he were president? Maybe not but I'd bet that he'd want to cut it to the bone as he's so supportive of the Ryan budget that would do the same. And a little news for Paul Ryan. I witnessed the teaching of Ayan Rand from her own mouth. She is nothing more than a Nazi with all the same ideologies. She fails to see that she would not have a place in society without the benefit of all the little people that make it work. And like our folks in the military you don't throw them under a bus. 


BBC said...

Lets hate war but honor everything about it?

BBC said...

BTW, I haven't been having any issues with blogger lately, other than with that cocksucker over on Billy Pilgrims blog, but that's not bloggers fault.

Randal Graves said...

Easy solution: don't join the army.

Demeur said...

Come on now Billy I know you were in the military. Does this mean we should hate you too?

Randal at the rate things are going they'll have a bus for library Peonage too.

Tom Harper said...

Library employees, veterans, firefighters and all the rest of them 47-percenters -- throw 'em all under the bus.

BBC said...

Yeah, I was in the Navy, that's how stupid I was back then. But considering all things, this is how we stay free on a sick planet.

S.W. Anderson said...

It's pretty clear Mitt Romney feels less kinship with our military people, during or after their active-duty service, than he does with fellow Mormons who dodged the draft by becoming missionaries to dangerous outposts like Paris. That is, if any there are any other Mormons who dodged the draft that way.