Friday, October 31, 2008

A Halloween trick from Bush

George W. never fails to amaze me how stupid he is. In a final push to finish off our once fine country, Georgie wasn't satisfied with ruining our financial system with deregulation he now appears to be setting us up for a scorched earth policy. In the final months of his failed presidency he's pushing for the deregulation of our environmental laws. We saw what a wonderful job he did to our banking and stock markets. Some 90 laws and regulations are being pushed to make our air dirtier our water less drinkable and of course this will mean more $$$ for big business. I can only hope now that the Democrats gain a supermajority that's fillibuster proof and that they can march lock step for the benefit of all Americans. If we poison the planet where will we live?

No treats only tricks


Snave said...

Bush is such a scheiser. This comes as no surprise that he is trying to set things up so the people who basically got him into office to begin with are "set" once Bush is out of office.

It seems like our country is being run not by the GOP as much as by a handful of rich people who manipulate our political system to keep themselves in power and to keep their interests protected.

I don't know how the Republican party is able to convince so many Americans to vote against their own best interests. The policies the GOP pushes are designed to drain the U.S. treasury at the same time it makes the very rich even richer. Paul Krugman describes this in his 2002 book "The Great Unraveling"... good stuff. Policies all designed to protect the extremely wealthy, and with Bush-Cheney, probably those who have made their riches from oil.

Kevin Phillips also touched on this in his book "American Theocracy", the idea that whoever controlled the world's most widely-used natural resource was pretty much going to rule the world. While the U.S. does control a good deal of the world's oil and the dealings which go on around oil, the U.S. controls this in a vicarious kind of way because the relative few people who REALLY control the oil happen to be Americans. And it seems easy for them to engage the services of the U.S. military to protect our "national interests", which in the case of Iraq were more like corporate interests.

Sorry to get off on a semi-loony rant here, D. Your post is correct and much more concise than my comment!

I agree, we need something akin to a supermajority so we can roll back a bunch of Bush's crap from the last 7 3/4 years, as well as the crap he will undoubtedly foist on us in the next few months.

Distributorcap said...

the only thing bush should get after he leaves office is a miserable miserble life -- just like what he has done to us.

and i mean miserable

how can he pushy these "laws" through a democratic congress - are they just gonna roll over and play dead like they did the past 2 years

you betcha

Dawn on MDI said...

This guy never met a rule he liked. Rules about human rights, rules about the environment, rules about ethical business conduct, rules about drinking and driving... What is amazing is that we are still shocked when he pulls this shit. 80-some days left. Let's hope we can hold out that long.

BBC said...

I'm not assuming that the Democrats will have anything other than their own agendas in mind.

And with many screaming for a better economy it's my best guess that the ecology will take a back seat.

Snave, Americans have always voted against their own best interests once voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.

It's not likely that the Democrats can turn that around, the baby Americans don't like to be told no.

It's just a bunch of nine year old's running this country, with no good parent at the top.

Kvatch said...

Sorry for the obscure SciFi reference, but I'm reminded of the 4th season of Babylon 5 where the president of the Earth Alliance tried to lay waste to the Earth using his own planetary defenses rather than see his totalitarian regime end.

Bush is looking crazier by the day.

Demeur said...

Good point kvatch and it wouldn't surprise me if he set fire to the white house as he's walking out the door.